The wage pressure in companies is growing. Rises above inflation only for the lucky ones

In the public space, there are more and more questions as to whether employers will be forced to raise employees’ wages in 2022. Economist Marek Zuber predicts that initially, there will be likely to be an increase in salaries similar to the one from the end of 2021, i.e. around 10%. However, in the second half of the year it will be much smaller. According to the expert, economic growth will not reach 4.6%, which is assumed in the budget by the government. And this is what will slow down the above-mentioned process in the labor market.

– It is not like that at the end or beginning of the year it starts to raise pay rises. Workers do not take this step if they think inflation will be short-lived and not too high. However, it got out of control because the NBP was late in its reaction. We already have a price and wage spiral. Employees have realized that what is happening is not temporary and is caused, for example, by a poor harvest of vegetables or an exceptional increase in crude oil prices after a failure of one of the large installations – comments Jeremi Mordasewicz, adviser to the management board of the Lewiatan Confederation.

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