The Walking Dead: Final Episode Titles Reveal Another Major Death?

Not everyone will survive the latest episodes of The Walking Dead. AMC’s zombie drama will return Oct. 3 with its eight-episode series finale, wrapping up the show after 11 seasons, 12 years, 177 episodes, and countless losses. The series finale directed by Greg Nicotero, which will air on November 21 on Sky, is shrouded in secrecy. But with different spin-off of The Walking Dead under processing – beware of spoilers! – some characters are destined to make it out alive.

Attention! Spoilers on The Walking Dead comic and possible spoilers on the latest episodes of the series follow. Continue reading at your own risk.

This is the case with Daryl (Norman Reedus) Carol (Melissa McBride) Maggie (Lauren Cohan) e Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), all characters who will return in spin-offs set after the main series of The Walking Dead.

But there will be at least one final death in The Walking Dead’s series finale, titled “Rest in Peace.” The episode title is inspired by the final volume of creator Robert Kirkman’s Image comic, Volume 32: Rest in Peace, which in 2019 concluded the long-running zombie saga after 193 issues.

That comic volume comes after a major death – perhaps the most important of all: that of Rick Grimeskilled by a Commonwealth assassin before his zombie version is killed a second time by his son Carl in the penultimate issue of the volume. (It’s pretty much certain that Rick won’t suffer the same fate in the series).

According to Gracenote, these are the titles of the last eight episodes of The Walking Dead:

Episode 11×17, “Lockdowns” (October 3)
Episode 11×18, “A New Deal” (October 10)
Episode 11×19, “variant” (October 17)
Episode 11×20 – “What’s Been Lost” (October 24)
Episode 11×21 – “Outpost 22” (October 31st)
Episode 11×22 – “Faith” (November 7)
Episode 11×23 – “Family” (November 14)
Episode 11×24 – “Rest in Peace” (November 21)

“The ending serves to complete the story of The Walking Dead, not create a spinoff. There’s room for spinoffs, but The Walking Dead’s ending concludes the story of these 11 years.”executive producer Scott M. Gimple said during the show’s latest appearance at San Diego Comic-Con. “We didn’t want the spinoffs to get in the way of that satisfaction. I think they coexist very well.”.

Angela Kang, showrunner and writer on the Nicotero-directed series finale, said: “I think that’s right. I think the goal is to make sure that even if there are no spinoffs, it feels like there is some closure to the series itself. The series itself needs its own conclusion. But the doors are left open, as often happens in life and as was also the case in the comic ending. There’s always a story that continues once the story being told on screen is over, so that’s the spirit.”.

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