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British subjects rub their eyes in amazement! Unexpectedly, Buckingham Palace made a sharp official statement on the BBC TV show, which made statements about the departure of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry from the royal family. “These are unfounded and exaggerated claims” – proclaims the position of Elizabeth II. What made her so angry?

The departure of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry from the British royal family continues to arouse great emotions and is the subject of countless rumors. There were often rumors in the media about the backstage of the princely couple moving overseas and there were also rumors about the difficult character of Meghan Markle and Harry nodding her at every step, who was even supposed to say: “What Meghan wants, Meghan gets”. Who is responsible for these rumors? Were they imaginary stories or leaks from the palace? In the new documentary “The Princes and the Press”, which has just been broadcast on BBC, accusations are made of spreading rumors of this type against unspecified inhabitants of the palace! They are spoken by Omid Scobie, a biographer loyal to Meghan and considered her unofficial representative. “There were people who decided that she should be shown where she belongs” – said the journalist. Meghan’s lawyer, Jenny Afia, also speaks in the program. He strongly denies rumors of difficult cooperation with Markle. Was the person spreading malicious rumors a member of the royal family, or perhaps their close adviser and associate?

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Nobody makes it clear and no names are mentioned. Nevertheless, the accusations that the rumors reached the media directly from people high in the palace must have made the queen very angry. Unexpectedly, Buckingham Palace made a sharp official statement on the BBC TV program! “A free, accountable and open press is part of a healthy democracy. But too often exaggerated and unfounded statements from anonymous sources are presented as facts, and it is very disappointing when anyone, including the BBC, considers them credible,” says a joint statement from the Buckingham Palace residence. Kensington Palace and Clarence House, therefore the Queen, William and Charles. According to the Daily Mail, the palace was also supposed to threaten the BBC that it would not participate in its future projects. Meanwhile, this is not the last episode of “Princes and the Press” …

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