The way of water, Zoe Saldana’s reaction to the premiere of the sequel

How did Zoe Saldana react to the first vision of Avatar: The Water Way? She was the actress to reveal it in a mixture of emotion and disbelief

13 years after the first film, Avatar: The Way of Water will debut in cinemas in mid-December 2022 e Zoe Saldanawhich he interprets Neytiri, shared his reaction to the first viewing of the film. The return to Pandora was not easy and took years of refinement on the part of James Cameron and his team, but the result of so much hard work is finally within reach. A few weeks after the launch in cinemas, the actress gave a small preview to viewers through her eyes. She confessed her emotions about the sequel during an interview with The Tonight Show from Jimmy Fallon.

Avatar: The Water Way, as Zoe Saldaña reacted at the film’s premiere

Already in the first film, released in 2009, Zoe Saldaña had the opportunity to leave a mark in the history of cinema. She played Neytiri, warrior of the Na’Vi tribe on the planet Pandora. The actress did her character justice by portraying her entirely through motion capture. And it is thanks to Avatar that Zoe Saldaña’s career has finally received the right recognition. In recent years, in fact, she has been increasingly involved on the big and small screen, also acting in the MCU, taking part in the films of the Guardians of the galaxy as an interpreter of Gamora. But, for her return to Pandora, Zoe Saldaña took a look at the final cut of the Avatar sequel film and admitted she fell for the emotional appeal. To Jimmy Fallon’s microphones, she told how she lived the vision:

I’m still processing, it’s very exciting. I’m surprised my eyelashes stayed in place. I sobbed all the time. It’s really special and I can give you a little spoiler: there is a lot of water!

James Cameron, the director, has already shared what his action plan is for the future. Although 13 years have passed since the release of the first film, the next ones could arrive much sooner in theaters. The director has stated his intention to make five movies set in Pandora: the filming of third they took place at the same time as those of the second, so it shouldn’t be long in coming. As it reports ScreenRant, filming lasted more than three years due to the pandemic. Not to mention that Avatar is one of the most expensive motion picture productions in Hollywood history, which is why moviegoers are eager to admire what has been done in the sequel.

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