The WhatsApp trick to understand if someone has blocked us without asking

Have you ever been blocked on WhatsApp? No? Safe? The problem with someone blocking you is that you may not notice it, except by looking at a few details. Such a reaction can occur after an argument or a fight, but also for more subtle and obscure reasons that escape us at first.

So here are some very useful information to understand if your contact has blocked you on the platform. The ideal would be to be sure of it and then clarify things in reality (or get stuck if you actually disliked it. Life is like that).


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First indication: We can no longer see the information regarding the date and time of your last access. This could be the result of a contact-activated privacy feature though, so it doesn’t give you the confidence that you’ve been blocked.

Second indication: when you are blocked on WhatsApp you can no longer see the profile picture of the contact.

Third indication: Every time we send a message to a contact who has blocked us, only a tick will appear, indicating that the message is never delivered.

If you notice these three details it is very likely that that person has blocked you (sorry).

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