The Whole Truth About Justin Timberlake’s Alleged Betrayal (And His Wife Jessica Biel’s Reaction)


A week after the gossip news that has upset Hollywood, let’s see if we can be clear

“He took her hand and put it on his knee,” reads The Sun about the effusions between Justin and Alisha, “then he started to hold her and play with it,” the source continued, saying Justin would he was particularly tipsy that evening not even being able to “stand up”. In the photos become viral, only an innocent handshake, so it is an exaggeration to scream to the escapade (among other things in a balcony among hundreds of people with smartphones), even if the rarity of this kind of is undeniable. agreement between two simple colleagues (and when it happens, see Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, the tam is uncontrollable). To end up in the cyclone, also and above all the “third uncomfortable”, Alisha Wainwright, who, through her spokesperson spoke of “speculation without any validity” and a group exit with “the other members of the film team”. But Jessica Biel, at 3,000 kilometres from the “bad place”, how did she react to the shots and the speculation?
“They minimize the situation and try to joke about it as if nothing had happened. But everything was clearly inappropriate and an attitude that would have made any wife feel uncomfortable. She drank too much and let herself go,” explained a friend of the couple to E! News. “Their marriage will overtake him. Justin feels guilty and will make it up to him,” he continued. “Jessica is a truly extraordinary woman and he knows how lucky she is to have her. He told her that nothing happened, that they only spent the evening together, end of story “. And if he was spotted smiling and peaceful on set in New Orleans, she on the other side of the United States, in Los Angeles, allowed herself to be photographed with faith and a beautiful engagement ring on display. Therefore, the alarm seems to have come back, at least until the film’s release, where the complicity between the two protagonists will be vivisected, frame by frame, and this time, it might not be an added value.

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