The whole world is talking about what the 15-year-old has done

An unusual event occurred during the final of the Catalan steeplechase championship. The Nile Garcia has fallen in the last few meters. Hamza Zeroual, right behind him, came to his aid. His gesture is spoken of all over the world.

Mateusz Kozanecki

Mateusz Kozanecki

An unusual gesture by Hamza Zeroual

Twitter / Igulada News / An unusual gesture by Hamza Zerouala

In Catalonia, the Under-16 Athletics Championships were held. It got very loud due to the behavior of one of the 1500 meters steeplechase competitors.

Nile Garcia stumbled on the last fence. Behind him, Hamza Zeroual, instead of passing his opponent, helped him up and then allowed him to cross the finish line in front of him.

“I just put myself in his shoes,” Zeroual told Marc. Everything happened very quickly, but I didn’t hesitate. I helped him and then let him cross the finish line because he was actually second and I was third. I imagined this could happen to me, ‘he added.

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Zeroual revealed that his rival first shook his hand and then thanked him. – His trainer also came up to me to thank me. For me, the Nile is an excellent player and I like to compete with people like him – he explained.

The young runner admitted that he would like to compete at a distance of 1500 meters in the future. He does not have his idol, but he admires Moroccan runners, including Hicham El Guerrouj.

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