The world is approaching one million have been infected with coronavirus – Worldwide

NEW YORK city – THE planet-is approaching the one million infected with the new coronavirus, and a total of 50 billion people dead, while in the United States, reported the youngest victim so far, an infant of six weeks.

When will the government extend the orders of the containment that affect half the planet, and international agencies warn that in some parts of the world may experience food shortages, the authorities do not address the crisis properly.

More than 900 thousand cases were reported all over the world, and nearly 46 thousand people have died since the virus emerged in the chinese city of xi’an, at the end of last year, according to a count by the afp based on official figures.

“Over the next few days, there will be a 1 in a million confirmed cases and 50 thousand deaths”, said the director-general of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

Concern is growing in the United States, which has already accounted for more than 200 infections, and at least 4.6 thousand deaths, according to the Johns Hopkins University.

Among the dead are americans, it is a baby of six weeks who had died in Connecticut.

“It is with sadness that breaks my heart that we can confirm it today-the first fatality in pediatric in Connecticut and is connected to the covid-19 side,” said the head of State, Ned Lamont, in his Twitter account. “We believe that this is one of the youngest people in the world,” a victim of the virus, he said.

The majority of the patients with the new coronavirus is old, and there are a lot of shocking stories of the elderly people are found dead and alone in Spain or Italy, countries heavily affected by the hiv pandemic.

But recent cases show that this disease can affect younger people. Among the victims is a young boy of 12 years, in Belgium, a 13-year old boy in France and the other in the same age group in the United Kingdom.

In the u.s. State of Illinois, usa, reported at the end of the week, with the death of a baby in 9 months, and is apparently linked to the coronavirus.

Sports fields closed in new york

New York city, the most populous city in the United States, it has become the epicenter of the pandemic in the country.

Refrigerated trucks are now parked in front of the hospital to cope with the wave of death, 1.941 in the State.

The New York governor, Andrew Cuomo, announced the closure of the sports fields and the recreation of the Big Apple, and he asked the police to be more aggressive in the enforcement of the rules of social distancing.

“There are still too many situations in a high density among the young people,” said Cuomo.

“The Use of the open space in the park. Walk around, take a sun, ( … ), Without a density. Without the game of basketball. Without close contact. Without being in breach of the separation of the social, the end-point. That’s the rule,” he said.

Germany has extended a ban on meetings of more than two people in the outer areas, until the 19th of April, and the chancellor, Angela Merkel, has warned that families will not be able to visit during the celebration of the Passover.

“For a pandemic that does not recognize holidays,” he said.

The pandemic has also affected sporting events like the tennis tournament, the Wimbledon was cancelled by for the first time since the 2nd War.

Little by little, the wave also grows in Latin America, which recorded a more than 20-thousand cases.

More shadows than lights

The board is, at the moment, the more full of shadow than of light. The number of new infections seems to be stabilizing in Spain and Italy, and european countries are the most affected, but on the day of the dead, it is still high, in excess of 800 in both cases.

Even more worrisome is the curve that is starting to appear in France, and the United Kingdom, with more than 500 people dead over the past 24 hours.

The various agencies of the UN, was asked on Wednesday night, at the release joint, the most in solidarity with the most vulnerable neighbours, in order to avoid a tragedy of the food.

In the resource-rich countries, however, is pressed not only by the ” storm and sanitary, but also due to the breakdown of their economies. “Our country is facing an unprecedented challenge in its history,” she said, in a low tone, to the president, Donald Trump.

The double of the dead

The shortage is derived from the pandemic, has caused protests in some of the poorest countries. “In Nigeria, we’re already hungry. Imagine, if you can’t work,” said Samuel Agber, who is working on repairs of appliances, air-conditioning

In order to contain the spread of the pandemic, nearly half of the population of the world has been called to stay at home, and that’s not always an easy thing to achieve. In India, the police are depicted in the social network faces a very different one. On one side was dancing in the streets with a helmet, representing the virus. The other actors were seen to be abusing those who would violate the internment.

The president of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta, has urged today to apologize for the “excesses” of police for the enforcement of the curfew at night. Already in Sierra Leone, one of the poorest countries on the planet, has declared three days of confinement, with the fragile hope for is to contain the first outbreak of the disease.

Silent Massacre

In Italy, doctors are concerned about patients who leave the hospital when their life is not at risk, but they are still contagious. Some of them are brought to the centres for the recovery, and, in spite of the security measures, the experts have the fear of a “silent massacre” there.

While in Italy and Spain, the peak of the infection is to be achieved, after weeks of confinement, the same as we don’t see in North America. The us government has released a forecast for a gloomy of from 100 thousand to 240 thousand deaths in the country over the next few months, and if the constraints are not met.

In Latin America, which has already recorded more than 500 deaths in a number of countries have announced the extension of the measures, in an attempt to prevent the collapse of their health systems.

The government has set the quotas for the foreign national out of the citizens who attempt to re-enter the country after the closure of the borders.

The new losses in the stock markets

The temporary closure of businesses and the stoppage of economic activity, which led to similar initiatives around the world, and have left many workers with no income, and the consequences are beginning to be felt in the countries most affected. In the automotive industry, for example, has recorded a drop in the historical, more than 70% on the French market.

The anticipation of the progress of the pandemic, returned with a vengeance to day in the markets, with heavy losses on the stock markets. The Finance ministers and central bank governors of the G-20, which met yesterday, and we promised to help the poorer countries to bear the burden of your debt, and help the world’s emerging markets.

In front of the sport, the organizers have announced the suspension of the Tournament in the Semifinals for the first time since the 2nd War.

Asymptomatic cases in China

In Wuhan, a city in which the pandemic had its origin, and the measures of confinement were to be removed gradually, and the first few steps in the open air of the inhabitants are to pay homage to the dead.

At the same time, China announced that from this Wednesday, 1.367 asymptomatic cases of the new coronavirus, which all add up to 81.554 contagions are registered by publishing for the first time, the number of people currently infected with hiv, but who do not manifest a fever and a cough, the characteristics of the covid-19. / AFP

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