“The Worst Moment of My Life” Jennifer Lopez Confesses What She Felt When She Divorced Marc Anthony

The singer gave details of their separation.

Jennifer López and Marc Anthony formed one of the most remembered media couples in the music industry.

The ” Diva del Bronx ” and her ex-husband were married for about seven years. In 2011 they made the decision to separate, but it was in 2014 when they divorced.

In the middle of the two were the twins Emme and Max, the result of the failed relationship, and who now live with JLo.

And although the 50-year-old artist has not been heard about her ex-partner, on this occasion she decided to share the details of the separation in an interview with Oprah.

“When we divorced it was the lowest moment in my entire life. I felt that I had failed miserably. I had to reexamine all my life and regroup, ”said the American singer.

Part of her sadness had to do with her children: “I waited until I was 38 years old to have them, and I didn’t want to separate myself from the person with whom I had them,” added the interpreter of “The Ring

In addition, Jennifer López was overwhelmed with the fear of not being enough for the twins, but over the years she has shown that Emme and Max have a good life, and they don’t need anything.

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