The zodiac has been identified, but will not be punished

The Case Breakers group has identified the Zodiac. It took over fifty years for the serial killer to discover the identity, but the offender will not be punished.

The identity of the Zodiac has been revealed

It took over half a century to discover the identity of a San Francisco psychopath. A group of over forty people hiding behind the name The Case Breakers she was working on a case Zodiac. Its members include former agents FBI, journalists and military officers. The investigating group claims that he was hiding under the pseudonym Zodiak Gary Francis Poste. The team describes it as:

a Californian psychopath who shot, stabbed or strangled about ten victims between 1962 and 1970.

Poste however, he will not be punished for his crimes. The serial killer died in 2018. The man was a veteran of the air force, and for the next forty years he was painting houses. At the same time, he was one of the most dangerous serial killers in the United States of the 20th century.

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The Case Breakers they deciphered the identity Zodiacby decoding the list in which Poste entered his real name.

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The terrifying story of the Zodiac

The beginning of the story Zodiac dates back to December 1968, when a mysterious criminal committed the first crime. Victims Zodiac they were from this period David Faraday and Betty Lou Jensen – two high school students. The subsequent murders are: Darlene Ferrin July 4, 1969 Cecelia Shepard September 27 of the same year and Paul Stine October 11, 1969. A San Francisco taxi driver was shot dead in broad daylight. The murderer took the victim’s keys and wallet, then cut out a piece of shirt that was used Zodiac as a trophy. The killer might have been caught then, but the police misunderstood the report. The dispatcher informed the patrolling officers that the offender was an African American, so they did not stop the white man who matched the description Zodiac. Two days after the event, the editorial office The Chronicle received a letter in which a psychopath threatened another crime. Zodiac a fragment of a shirt added to the message Stine. A taxi driver who is shot is the last known victim Zodiac, however, the murderer did not stop sending letters.

The murderer’s hallmark, apart from the characteristic symbol, were also encrypted letters. In July 1969, coded messages Zodiac sent to the editorial office of newspapers: Examiner, The Chronicle and Times-Herald. One of the killer’s conditions was that the encrypted message be placed on the front pages of the newspapers. Otherwise Zodiac threatened to commit further crimes.

The cipher of one of the letters was solved only after 51 years, but it did not provide new clues useful in the investigation. The last message believed to be genuine is dated January 29, 1974.

The story of a serial killer on the big screen

Bloody story Zodiac influenced the 20th-century culture of the United States. James Vanderbilt decided to write a film script based on one of the greatest criminal mysteries of recent decades. As a result of work Vanderbilt a movie was made Zodiac directed by David Fincher. The picture debuted in theaters in 2007, and a star cast appeared on the screen.

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Into the role Robert Graysmith incarnated Jake Gyllenhaal, inspector Dave Toschi played Mark Ruffalo, on the other hand Paul Avery played Robert Downey Jr. perfectly known for his role Tony Stark in Marvel Cinematic Universe. The film received twelve nominations, including two awards from the Los Angeles Film Critics Association. The first distinction came in 2007, placing the production in the 5th place in the best films of the decade. Three years later Zodiac took the same position in the ranking.

Zodiac – official movie trailer

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