Theo James, the career from Divergent to The White Lotus

Theo James represents a new entry of The White Lotus 2yet in the past he also starred in the film saga of divergent. That role of hers did not make him particularly happy and today she tries to play different ones on the big and small screen.

Theo James he is not satisfied with one of the past roles that paradoxically gave him international popularity. The British actor was involved in the cast of The White Lotuslittle gem of HBO extension distributed in Italy by Sky and which offers a dream location and different characters for each season. The second, airing in 2022, also included Theo James playing Cameron Sullivan.

Theo James. Credits: Ansa – VelvetMag

Yet fame came with a dystopian product on the big screen. He played Quattro in the saga of divergent to the cinema, but only recently has he defined that type of role and the consequent experience as “boring“. Luckily she was able to redeem herself especially on the small screen. Despite the parenthesis in divergentwhich lasted three films alongside Shailene Woodleyhis future seems to focus mainly on TV series.

Theo James, after dissatisfaction in divergent he arrives The White Lotus

Born in Oxford to a father of Greek descent, Theo James has one philosophy degree and only later did he start studying acting. While in theater school, she made her film debut with the film You will meet the man of your dreams from Woody Allen. Shortly after he joined the cast of Finally adults And Underworld – Awakeningwhich it followed Underworld: Blood Wars. Years of television followed: starred in The Ghosts of Bedlam and later as the protagonist of Golden Boy. International popularity, however, came with the first film by divergent. Based on Veronica Roth’s novel of the same name, he played Quattro, given name Tobias, the love interest of the protagonist Tris.

Theo James career
Theo James. Credits: Ansa – VelvetMag

Dystopian saga, got two more movies on the big screen: Insurgent And Allegiant. A fourth film was planned that was never made, much to Theo James’ delight. Over the years he has had the opportunity to diversify on the big and small screen. Closed the parenthesis divergentstarred in Franny with Dakota Fanning And Richard Gerethen ne appeared The secret, Power games, The end, The art of con, Archive and the most recent Mr Malcolm’s List. On TV, however, he was chosen as the protagonist of A Timeless Love – The Time Traveler’s Wife and finally entered into The White Lotus 2.

Regarding his presence in the HBO TV series, he has often been brought up by web users for using a prosthesis on the set. And the actor gave his confirmation during an interview with The Tonight Show from Jimmy Fallonexplaining that yes, it is natural that prostheses are also used on the set for private parts. “For these scenes, we talk to the director and producers. And then they inform you that you will use a prosthesis and that’s fine with you. I just didn’t want it to be a distraction, because the scene in question is about power play during sex“. Even on the sentimental side, the actor is absolutely committed. He met his current him wife, Ruthin 2009. Yes they are married in 2018 and have had a daughter.

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