“There are no delays or the EU would not give the money”

The state of the works –

As for the second semester, “implementation is progressing faster than our original schedules. The elections and the upcoming change of government required an additional effort to ensure that the new executive – whatever it may be – can restart from a position as advanced as possible “, explained the premier. “To date, 21 of the 55 goals and targets set for the end of the year have already been achieved, and we expect to reach 29 by the end of the month,” he added. According to Draghi, the full implementation of the Plan is fundamental for Italy’s credibility.

“Implementing reforms and investments in the coming years” –

The report to the Parliament illustrates the work carried out so far for the implementation of the NRP. “The first phase, dedicated above all to the design and approval of the reforms, is running out,” said Draghi. In the coming months and years, however, “these reforms need to be implemented on the ground, continuously monitoring progress towards achieving the quantitative objectives indicated in the NRP”. With regard to investments, moreover, “the phase relating to public procedures for the allocation of resources to the implementing bodies is largely over: it is now necessary to ensure that the investments are completed on time and in the manner provided, ensuring that European resources are spent in a transparent and honest way “, he added.

Draghi satisfied with the results achieved –

The premier had asked for “maximum efforts in recent months” to continue to carry out the Plan “and today” we can be fully satisfied with the results achieved “.” The PNRR – he recalled – has a very simple and transparent way to assess what point is its achievement: the number of objectives and milestones achieved at the end of each semester. The disbursement of European resources depends on the achievement of these objectives, and nothing else. In the first half of 2022, Italy once again achieved all the objectives of the NRP, as the European Commission ascertained last week. “For this reason our country will be able to receive another 21 billion euros, after 45.9 billion. received in recent months.

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