There is a lack of coal and coal cars. All recipients have problems

The situation on the domestic coal market is deteriorating. There is a shortage of raw materials for both power plants and home heating. The market regulator has already received 20 notifications from energy companies regarding a decrease in inventories below the safe minimum. In some coal yards there are regulations, and at the mines there are queues of trucks at night. Meanwhile, the greatest frosts and the peak of the heating season are still ahead of us.

  • There is a growing number of power plants and heating plants that are not able to secure an adequate amount of fuel reserves for the winter
  • Individual customers also have problems with purchasing coal. They have to reckon with daily limits, overnight queues or waiting list entries
  • The problems result not only from the production limitations of Polish mines, but also from the lack of a sufficient number of wagons to transport the raw material
  • In addition, there is a sharp increase in the price of coal according to experts lasts all winter
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More and more energy companies have problems with keeping coal reserves at a safe level. The Energy Regulatory Office has already received 20 notifications from eleven companies regarding the reduction of inventories. This may herald troubles in the event of a cold winter, geological problems of Polish mines or deepening of logistic problems in the country.

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