There is no carbonated water in supermarkets

Sparkling water is becoming a rarity. There are few bottles left on the shelves of supermarkets in Turin. Reason? Mainly the lack of carbon dioxide that is used to create bubbles – a distribution process that seems to have recently become too expensive – but also the increase in fuel prices that do not facilitate transport.

Problems that also affect carbonated drinks more generally, but at the moment, in supermarkets, there seems to be no shortage.

The San Benedetto, Alpi Cozie and Lauretana water are completely missing from the Hypercoop in via Livorno. And also Sant’Anna, of which, however, a large supply would be on the way. After the alarm raised by the CEO Alberto Bertone just a few weeks ago, the situation seems to have reduced: two trucks loaded with sparkling water left, in fact, just yesterday, for large-scale distribution.

However, at the points of sale, at least for now, water with bubbles is scarce and people find it difficult to stock it up. Survivors, also in via Livorno, only several half-liter bottles of the Coop brand, 1 and a half liters of Brio Rossa Frizzante and Guizza sparkling water, of which, however, have just been collected as a precaution, a couple of lots on the market, for staphylococcal contamination.

And the situation is similar also in the small stores and in the other Turin supermarkets, from the largest one – the Bennet in via Orvieto – to the smaller one like the Pam Local in Corso Palestro.

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