There will be a new vaccine for Omikron. Maybe already in March

Pfizer and its partner – BioNTech – are working on two new versions of the vaccine, the company’s president said on Monday. The first one is aimed at the Omikron variant. The second is to be a combination of the preparation in the original version and the one that is to protect against Omicron Albert Bourla informed.

The former should be available in March and then the concern is also to be ready to submit an application for approval of the new preparation, initially in the United States, reports Reuters. Clinical trials of the new version of the vaccine are expected to start later this month.

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Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson are working on new versions of the vaccines

The CEO of Pfizer assures that the company has such large production capacity at the moment that the production of the preparation in the new version will not be a problem.

Moderna and Johnson & Johnson are also working on a vaccine that protects against Omicrons more effectively. Moderny’s preparation is to be ready in the fall. Clinical trials are to start soon, the company’s president announced in an interview with the American CNBC station. The least known about Johnson & Johnson is so far.


Omicron. It is uncertain whether a new vaccine is needed

Some experts point out that it is not clear whether vaccines targeting this latest variant will be needed at all, because when they appear, Omikron may no longer be the threat it is now. Besides, research shows that a booster dose of currently available vaccines remains effective – protects against the severe course of COVID-19, hospitalization and death also of those infected with Omikron.


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