There will be an increase in production, but according to the expert, oil may not get much cheaper

Ultimately, brent crude oil prices stabilized on Thursday around the previous day’s close of $ 69. a barrel. As Amrita Sen, founder of the consulting company Energy Aspects, admitted in an interview with Bloomberg, the decision of the OPEC + countries may only seemingly weigh on oil prices. The producers of the raw material left all options open to themselves, which was the case in the current situation “brilliant move”.

Investors may not be brave enough to [wobec groźby interwencji OPEC+ – red.] sell oil – evaluates Amrita Sen.

Most investors expected producers to withhold their early plan to increase production after the spread of the Omikron variant had led to one of the largest oil price slumps in history. Since approaching in October at your fingertips from the 7-year high, brent crude oil prices have already dropped by around 20%.

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