There will be new restrictions. The government will announce them on Thursday

On Thursday, new, stricter regulations regarding the sanitary passport will also be presented. To avoid a full lockdown, the government will also insist on respecting social distancing and accelerating the COVID-19 vaccination campaign, the spokesman said.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki during a visit to a temporary hospital in WrocławAnd yet lockdown? Minister on whether Poles can plan holidays

New restrictions in France

However, he made a reservation that despite the tightening of the rigors, the epidemic situation will probably worsen in the coming days and the number of new weekly coronavirus infections per 100,000. inhabitants will grow above 200.

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Vaccination Act Across Party Divisions? Senator Jackowski comments

Last Wednesday, Attal assured that at this stage the government has no plans to tighten the restrictions related to the fifth wave of COVID-19, and although the pandemic is spreading again, the situation is under control thanks to vaccinations and the introduction of a health passport.

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France: Government calls for continued immunization

The day before, Health Minister Olivier Veran called on the French to continue vaccination and take a booster dose, because for the first time since boiling, the coronavirus infection rate in France increased from 50 to 100 people per 100,000. residents within 7 days.

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At the end of July in France, the obligation to have a health certificate (proof of vaccination or negative coronavirus test) entered into force in places where over 50 people would gather, i.e. in cinemas, theaters, museums and sports halls. Subsequently, the order to have such a certificate was extended to other public places.


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