There’s a great movie on Prime Video to watch tonight with the whole family.

Tonight watch “Everything can change” on Amazon Prime Video, a film with great actors, a good director and a beautiful plot.

Everything can change it is a film, delicate and involving, which is now finally available in the catalogue Prime Videos. Director, John Carneyis a true master in bringing to the big screen the emotions and meanings that music is able to convey to the lives of each of us.

Success for him came with the film ounces, produced with a very low budget and shot with a handheld camera, with which he won theOscar for best song (Falling Slowly) and from which it was taken the Broadway musical of the same name won eight Tony Awards, including Best Musical.

With Begin Againoriginal title of Everything can changethe Irish filmmaker directs two great stars who are much loved all over the world, who have convinced audiences and critics with their performances.

The film, in fact, had an excellent reception and grossed over 60 million dollars worldwide, against a budget of “only” 8 million.

The first big name that we find among the protagonists is that of Mark Ruffalowho stood out for his versatility in romantic and dramatic roles, but also in action films and belonging to the universe of superheroes.

Ruffalo, in fact, has made his name in thriller films such as Zodiacs by David Fincher Shutter Island by Martin Scorsese or The Spotlight case (Awarded Best Picture Oscar) by Tom McCarthy. But it is also, footprint, the face of Bruce Banner/The Incredible Hulk within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, in all the titles that see him appear in the story, as a protagonist or not.

In Anything could happen will be a down-and-out record producer who meets a talented up-and-coming songwriter.

This is the character played by a true darling of romantic films of the 2000s, here grappling with a decidedly multifaceted role: Keira Knightley.

Recognition among the general public comes from a very young age, thanks to the success of the English comedy Dreaming of Beckhams. Then follows the saga of the Pirates of the Caribbeanwhere she plays alongside Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and Geoffrey Rush, and the consecration comes with the role of Elizabeth Bennet in one of the most successful film versions of Pride and Prejudice.

She is also one of the protagonists of Love Actually – romantic comedy par excellence – and of great success The Imitation Game, for which he received his second Academy Award nomination.

Of note in this Prime Video film, in the role of a musician but – beware! – not of himself, Adam Levinefrontman of the famous British musical group Maroon 5.

And also the famous presenter and comedian James Corden will have a part to be discovered.

Let’s get to know the details of the story…

Everything can change

Watch the trailer and read the story

Dan Mulligan is a music producer with a failed marriage behind him and a bottle habit. His relationship with his teenage daughter is not the best and his wild life causes him to trip too often at work.

In fact, at the umpteenth cantata meeting, gets fired.

Gretta is a singer-songwriter, who came to New York with her boyfriend Dave, also a musician.

Both have dreams of becoming famous music stars, and they think the big city offers more opportunities.

But when a prestigious contract is offered only to Dave, he cheats on Gretta with a girl who works in the production house, and the two break up.

Invited to perform in a bar by her friend Stuart, the girl plays one of his songs.

Dan is there drinking and, conquered by the girl’s talent, decides to try to produce his own record.

Will it be the rebirth for both? What will happen to their lives?

Find out by watching this exciting film on Prime Video.

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