These 10 lire with the ear will make you rich: this is the value

The concept of money also extends from the point of view of habits, acquiring a value that goes beyond the economic one: in the case of the Italian lira, in fact, the nostalgic power of the old currency is still alive and perceptible, especially by those who have had the possibility of using old coins and banknotes, replaced since 2002 by the euro. The lira has had a decidedly long “career” and has gone through a long context that has formally changed the face of the country. The lira was in fact conceived as a monetary currency at the beginning of the 19th century, under the French occupation of Napoleon I, in the areas of the country corresponding to the areas conquered during the Italian campaign. It was initially used by the pre-unitary kingdoms and was subsequently adopted by the Kingdom of Italy which unified the country in 1861, constituting the Italian currency until 2002. Some issues such as the 10 lire Ear have become part of the common imagination.

These 10 lire with the ear will make you rich: this is the value

But what are they worth? It is one of the most widespread coins throughout the second half of the last century, as it is one of the longest-lived issues ever. The 10 lire Spiga was a widespread coin from 1951 to 2000, minted in almost 2 billion units. It remains an important issue for every collector, and some specimens are particularly profitable, such as those of 1954, which if in Fior di Conio conditions can be worth more than 100 euros, but the valuation “collapses” to 20-30 euros if in “only” conditions. excellent.

Another example much sought after by collectors is part of a small circle of coins made in 1991, recognizable by an obvious minting error: the reverse of the coin, in fact, which has a maritime rudder, is in fact reversed, opposite to the obverse, where they lead. the Spikes, which give the coin its name.

These particular emissions in fact have a value between 30 and 150 euros.

10 lire

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