These stars and their doublesmen are like two drops of water. Will you recognize them?

  • Cezary Pazura and Leszek Blautenberg are one of the acting pairs in Poland who cooperate with each other when a double and a double in one is needed.
  • Tanoai Reed has been working with Dwayn Johnson on the sets of films for over 20 years, thanks to which “The Rock” gained popularity and fame
  • Even Wonder Woman needs help filming some of the action scenes. Her understudy is Christiaan Bettridge
  • Chris Hemsworth and Bobby Holland Hanton, who is his double in films, often practice together before their next productions
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When you want to become a successful actor in Hollywood, you need to properly educate yourself and polish your skills. And when popularity, recognition and appreciation come, actors must also think about protecting the most important “thing”, which is themselves. Injury, contusions or serious detriment to health are things that both actors and producers want to avoid at all costs. In the world of film for decades, in addition to award-winning stars, there is also a hidden world – doubleswho take over the most burdensome duties on the set, but also sometimes take part in scenes that require showing themselves in negligee.

A number of stars have a contract stipulating that they cannot take part in, for example, bed scenes. An example would be Keira Knightley, who revealed that after the birth of the child, a clause was introduced into her contract about the refusal to participate in undressed scenes. In such situations, their doubles, whose bodies are shown in intimate close-ups or simply shots in the costume of Adam (or Eve), enter the action. Although the world of doubles in Poland is rather little exposed, in Hollywood even the biggest stars do not hide their cooperation with professionals who do their job in physically demanding scenes. Here are some of the stars and their doubles.

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These stars and their doubles are like two drops of water

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