These stars came together after parting and … stood on a wedding carpet!

Agnieszka Szczurek and Jakub Wesołowski They got married in 2014, two years later their daughter Róża was born. Today they are happily married and one of the most popular Polish show business couples. However, it was not always so colorful.

Agnieszka Szczurek and Jakub Wesołowski met through mutual friends who decided to bind them together. The beginnings, however, did not fill us with optimism – the couple did not fall in love with each other at first sight, and even needed time to feel more like each other.

Ultimately, the future spouses decided to give each other a chance and began to build a relationship, but in 2011 they broke up, and Jakub was to be charmed by Zofia Ślotała herself. The romance did not last long, however, because when the actor bumped into Agnieszka again after some time, he already knew that this time he would not let her go. Agnieszka and Jakub took a risk and today they confess their undying love at every step.

Joanna Opozda and Antoni Królikowski they got married on August 7 this year and surprised even loyal fans. Half a year ago it was loud about the separation of this couple!

Joanna Opozda and Antoni Królikowski hit the headlines in July 2020. It was then that the media began to publish their first joint photos. The couple soon confirmed their relationship and stopped hiding their love. So the fans were surprised when just six months later, Joanna and Antoni announced their separation on social media and asked for their decisions to be respected.

A few months later, Joanna and Antoni went on a joint trip to the mountains and admitted that they had decided to give each other a second chance. They also revealed that overcoming the crisis cost them a lot of work, but today they are happy again and this is the most important thing. Back then, no one expected the couple to swear love forever in the summer!

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are an acting couple who got married in 2015. However, before this happy event happened, the spouses managed to become close friends, create serious relationships with other partners and “bump into each other” on film sets, galas and artistic events for many years. Although it is hard to believe, they have known each other for well over 20 years!

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher they met on the set of the series “Różowe lata 70”, in which they played … a couple. They both maintain that they were only close friends at the time, but rumors appeared in the media that they were already attracted to each other at that time. Ultimately, however, Ashton got involved with actress Demi Moore, and Mila with the movie “Kevin”, actor Macaulay Culkin.

By coincidence, Mila and Ashton met after many years, and the actor decided to arrange a friend with his friend. However, this one did not make it to the date, and Kutcher himself decided to keep the company of the beautiful actress. The couple remembered how well they got along and in 2014 she was engaged. Today, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kuther have two children – daughter Wyatt and son Dimitri, and they are one of the most compatible couples in show business.

Justyna Nagłowska and Borys Szyc are one of the nicest and happiest couples in Polish show business. Their path to happiness, however, was quite bumpy.

Justyna Nagłowska and Borys Szyc they met many years ago on the set of the Television Theater. She was only 21 at the time, he was two years older. They both caught the eye quickly and made a decision to create a more serious relationship in a short time. However, it was ultimately not possible to survive and, as the actor recalls today, the responsibility for the breakdown of the relationship can be placed on him. Szyc was then very focused on himself and his career, and the relationship with Justyna was relegated to the background. He revealed, however, that in the end Justyna decided to leave him.

In the following years, Szyc was associated, among others, with with Anna Bareja, with whom he has a daughter, Kaja Śródka or Zosia Ślotała. Justyna also got married and had children. However, fate again decided to give them a chance, and many years later Boris invited his future wife to a restaurant. Justyna was then in a difficult time in her life – she was divorced and had many problems, while Borys was struggling with alcoholism. The lovers decided to go to therapy and … they won! Today, they raise their children together, they also have a common son, Henio. They both agree that it was worth the wait!

Actress Jessica Biel and musician Justin Timberlake became a couple in 2007, today they are happily married and have two sons – Silas and Phineas. However, anyone who thinks that their relationship was perfect from the very beginning is wrong. The couple had to overcome several obstacles.

The first three years of the relationship were turbulent, the lovers had ups and downs and finally decided to part ways. However, after a few months, Justin came to the conclusion that his ex-girlfriend is unique and “different” and decided to fight for her. The couple got married in 2012, and three years later their son, Silas, appeared in the world.

In 2019, there was again loud talk about the crisis in Biel and Timberlake’s relationship. Music caught dating in a bar with colleague Alisha Wainwright. Some time later Jessica and Justin they actually admitted they had a problem and went to marriage counseling. Everything indicates that the crisis has been overcome and the spouses are happy again.

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