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Michele Santoro

We talk about the very serious international situation from Tiziana Panella a Tagada, on La7, in the episode of 5 October, between the gas crisis, the war in Ukraine and nuclear power, e Michele Santoro says that “the idea that the Germany be it rearming and want to go on his own is happening. And so all of Northern Europe. In the coming months, with respect to our debt, Northern Europe will set very heavy limits. The first thing we should do, as the Pope says, is stop the war“.

Here the intervention of Michele Santoro in Tagadà

Atomic Holocaust, Italy hit: Russia, the map that terrifies the world

“If we do not stop the war there will be some speculation on the bills but the underlying problem is war. The alternative supply of alternative sources also has costs. It should be explained to the Italians. For us Russia was essential to keep us competitive now this broken relationship with Russia where will it take us? “asks Santoro. And then,” we are returning to coal massively when the glaciers are melting “.” The problem is “, concludes the journalist,” which world we imagine after the war. What we want to do? Build a curtain between us and the whole East, of which Russia is a part? In my opinion, if we go in that direction it will only be disasters “.

The weapon of the end of the world: the terrifying scenario of General Camporini

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