They created a 3D model of Lucy, the most famous human ancestor

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Almost fifty years ago, on a Sunday morning in late November 1974, led by Donald Johanson and Frenchmen Yves Coppens and Maurice Taieb A team of paleoanthropologists are digging in the remote Afar region of Ethiopia. Johnson found a small bone that looked like part of an elbow. As soon as he saw it, he realized that the tiny fragment belonged to an ancient hominid.

But that wasn’t the only bone he found. “When I looked to my left, I saw little fragments of skull, a piece of jaw and a few vertebrae,” Johnson later said. This discovery shows something that has never been seen before: it is, no more, no less, Some skeletal remains are 3.2 million years old. Because of its size, Johnson thought it was a female skeleton, and while at camp at night he put on a Beatles tape and it started playing lucy in the sky with diamonds Someone asked her: “Why don’t you call her Lucy?”

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