They estimate millionaire losses if the Olympic Games are suspended


They estimate at more than 16,000 million dollars if the Tokyo Olympics are not held. Gentleness.

The holding of the Tokyo Olympic Games was questioned on numerous occasions but everything seems to indicate that the world sport event will start against all odds, and a crucial factor for so much insistence is the economic loss that an eventual suspension would imply, of the order of 16,600 million dollars.

The estimate of the probable loss was known after an investigation carried out by the Nomura Research Institute, that if after the games a new state of health emergency is declared due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the damage could be even worse.

“Even if the Olympic Games are canceled, the economic losses will be less than the consequences of a state of health emergency,” said Japanese economist Takahide Kluchi, after the aforementioned report of the probable losses was known.


The same report details that, if the event is developed without the presence of the public, the benefits would be 18,650 million dollars, which represents about 1,650 million dollars less than with the presence of fans watching from the stands.

They announce millionaire losses if the Olympic Games in Tokyo are canceled. Gentleness.

Faced with this situation, the organizers have already anticipated that they will not allow the entry of spectators from other latitudes, although what decision they will make in relation to the Japanese public is still being debated.



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