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It has been a daily use tending to a fad for many years, since its inception. With the development of technology, ATM withdrawals have decreased strongly, almost supplanted by digital wallets, which allow us to pay with the simple use of a smartphone, soon even with the palm of your hand, as Amazon intends to do.

But the ATM withdrawal continues to survive. It largely depends on the banks: some maintain fixed commissions, others are free only at the reference bank, others still require a small percentage of the amount withdrawn, however small it may be annoying.

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But a bank is making its way, which perhaps has understood that by removing the commission, it can increase its customers. How? With a credit card that allows you to make cash withdrawals, for free.

All by 29 September

Account Fee + Free credit card for one year. This is the slogan of Conto Corrente Arancio, one of the ideas by ING Bank, a direct bank belonging to the Dutch group of the same name, present in more than 40 countries, 15 of which in Europe.

100% digital, an online account that can be opened in just a few clicks and manageable through a security app, which puts privacy first. Zero Euro Mastercard Debit Card, choose the PIN and suspend it in one click in case of need. Convenient, in fact, thanks to a fixed-term promo.

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To open the Orange Current Account and activating the Zero Constraint Module is very simple, as long as everything is done by 29 September. Cash withdrawals in Italy and Europe (important, ING does not charge fees), SEPA transfers up to € 50,000 online and over the phone, one check form per year.

Applying for the Mastercard Gold credit card, activating it by December 31st, results in a free credit card fee for one year. At the end of the period, the monthly fee will always remain at zero euros, for all those months in which you spend at least 500 euros, or you have a plan Pagoflex active.

Conversely, two euros per month will be paid. The PIN it is also customizable, Spending limits and notifications in real time, Apple Pay And Google Pay it makes no difference.

Finally, Orange Current Account can be in the name of one or two people, up to a maximum of three in the name or joint name of you. However, each header must be different. In practice it is not possible to have two Orange Current Accounts with the same header.

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