they thought they were seeing the matches in pirated streaming, but it was FIFA 23 –

Some channels YouTube have found a truly original way to capitalize on the fever from Soccer World Cup 2022: Stream matches of fifa 23 passing them off as pirated streams of the official ones.

Some of these videos have garnered tens, if not hundreds of thousands of views, especially deceiving those who wanted to watch the matches illegally. After all Google Trends, the true god of the internet to whom everything is due, underlined how the string “World Cup stream” is highly sought after. Interest found, trap set.

According to a reader of Vietnamese newspaper VNExpress, one of these videos went online towards the start of the competition, leading many to believe it was just a low-quality stream. However, when the faces of the players were framed closely, many understood that it was a video game used to simulate matches of the world cup.

YouTube channel Minute90Kplus has posted a large number of videos and live streams of simulated World Cup matches in eFootball 2023 and FIFA 23. One of the streams garnered more than 200,000 views. The most popular, from eight days ago, obtained 277,000. According to the chats, active viewers were still very few. Many will simply have logged on and, realizing they were duped, walked away.

There are many channels that have published videos with virtually reconstructed World Cup matches, many of which are collected under the hashtag #WorldCup2022. However, not all of them pretended to be streams, since they report in the title all the information on how they were made.

Paradoxically there are very successful channels that have applied similar tricks, such as the English Football Live, which has more than 1.25 million followers. Other youtubers filmed themselves watching matches, only showing their reactions. In short, everything is in order.

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