They treat COVID with activated charcoal. Doctors warn

Not only amantadine and ivermectin anymore. Social media is swarming with specialists who say they have found a way to cure COVID. Recently, activated carbon has been gaining popularity. Experts explain what the effects of using these preparations in the treatment of COVID may be.

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1. Activated carbon for COVID?

Doctors say that Poles have started to underestimate the threat of COVID-19. This is the only explanation for the fact that patients more and more often heal themselves, avoiding even consulting a specialist. There is no shortage of golden advice from “experts” on social networks, who assure that we are able to inhibit the development of the disease in a simple way. One of the proposed measures is active carbon.

COVID patients try to heal themselves with activated charcoal

COVID patients try to heal themselves with activated charcoal (Adobe Stock)

“We buy powdered activated charcoal (but not in a pharmacy, because it will not work, or even hurt) – in a herbal medicine store. We take one teaspoon dissolved in a glass of water, every 5 hours for a maximum of two days. Not longer. We also do not take preventive measures, but only when we have symptoms or feel that we are taking us “- this is an excerpt from an entry posted on one of the popular support groups for people suffering from COVID-19. According to people who recommend it, activated carbon is supposed to cleanse the body of toxins.


It turns out that there are plenty of people willing to use this method.


2. Charcoal has no use in treating COVID-19

We asked what the clinical pharmacologist and infectious disease physician thought of this method of treatment. The comment was similar in both cases.

– This is gibberish. It is even difficult to argue with such advice. Perhaps one would still have to ask whether it should be a herbal store in the east or west of Poland, or open at a full moon – these are such discussions – ironizes in an interview with WP abcZdrowie Dr. Leszek Borkowski, former president of the Registration Office, co-author of the success of harmonization of drugs , consultant on the drug market of American investment funds, member of the advisory team at the French Government Agency, clinical pharmacologist from the Wolski Hospital in Warsaw.

An infectious disease expert, Prof. Anna Boroń-Kaczmarska. The doctor explains that charcoal may only be useful for patients who have diarrhea in the course of COVID. Then it will help with these specific ailments.

– Carbon alone as a therapeutic preparation has absolutely no use in the treatment of viral infection caused by SARS-CoV-2. Generally, charcoal treatment is a “witchcraft” treatment. If the symptoms worsen, it will turn out that the drug does not work – emphasizes prof. Boroń-Kaczmarska.

– The essence of COVID treatment is to limit the life cycle of the virus, i.e. the process of multiplication of the virus. There are several drugs in clinical trials that demonstrate this activity in reducing the reproductive performance of this organism. Two of these drugs have been contracted by the Ministry of Health, but are not yet authorized. They are in the final stage of clinical trials – adds the doctor.

3. Patients still use amantadine en masse

Amantadine is still very popular among those suffering from COVID. This is confirmed by the data made available to “Gazeta Wyborcza” by PEX PharmaSequence. They show that from November 1 to 23, over 47 thousand. drug packaging, from the beginning of the year over 400 thousand, and a year ago a total of 118 thousand. packaging. It shows the scale of interest.


The infected have no fear of reaching for the drug. The preparation can be easily obtained online. It is often prescribed by doctors themselves.

Prof. Boroń-Kaczmarska explains that research on amantadine is still ongoing. The doctor reminds us of the risks and why amantadine was withdrawn in the case of influenza.

– Amantadine is an old drug, it was used to treat parainfluenza because it has the ability to inhibit the multiplication of RNA viruses. However, it turned out to be with longer administration and especially with a higher dose the drug may generate very clear side effects. Hence, it ceased to be used. Today, amantadine is only used to treat certain conditions in neurology, explains an infectious disease specialist.

4. What mistakes should not be made in the treatment of COVID?

The president of Warsaw Family Physicians, Dr. Michał Sutkowski, says that patients suffering from COVID organize not only amantadine on their own. They also take antibiotics, inhaled steroids, and heparin, often all at once. It happens that they finish the drug that is left to them from their previous illness or that the child was given earlier. Few take into account possible side effects.

– This is the whole thing, not only COVID-19. All these drugs must be used wisely. Poles lack health culture and result in redundant deaths. An antibiotic is sometimes needed, but as long as there are bacterial superinfections. This has to be decided by a doctor – says Dr. Michał Sutkowski.

– Patients think that the more drugs they take, the healthier they will be. This is a colossal mistake. Treating COVID-19 in one regimen may not only not help but harm you because we burden the body with drugs that are unnecessary. If COVID evades flu symptoms, we should contact a doctor, because COVID has various forms and phases. Not always steroids are used, not always antibiotics – adds the drug. Jacek Gleba, family doctor, pediatrician, internist.

How to Treat COVID at Home? What’s safe?

Pharmacologist Dr. Leszek Borkowski explains how to treat COVID with mild symptoms. – First of all, we should be hydrated, it is very important to drink plenty of water. In the case of fever, we take paracetamol and ibuprofen. In the case of persistent cough, we use antitussive drugs. In addition, regular monitoring of saturation with a pulse oximeter. With saturation at 90 percent. hospitalization is necessary – says the expert.

– Low-molecular-weight heparin is indicated in chronically lying patients. If you are at high risk of a severe course, your doctor may prescribe Budesonide, an inhaled steroid. If there is a bacterial co-infection – antibiotics – explains Dr. Borkowski.

The guidelines will change once drugs are approved by the EMA. Then, up to the fifth day after the onset of symptoms, Molnupiravir, Paxlovid or other oral inhibitors that inhibit the reproduction of SARS-CoV-2 in the patient’s cells can be administered. They are also waiting for registration monoclonal antibodies.

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