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Cars that enjoy great opinions are, above all, those that have little breakdown and durability. Durability is the feature that keeps them on the market for a long time. In turn, this means that – despite the mileage – the choice of such cars is quite large, and this ultimately means that they are still worth attention. Even if the odometer already shows a three in front of the next five digits. We are continuing the review of such cars. You have 20,000 PLN and you want to buy something permanent? Here are some suggestions.

If you want to buy a durable car, up to 20,000 PLN, then you can check what brands such as:


Lexus IS – the first generation model holds the price very well, but not only because it has great engines and a rear drive. The main merit is the durability of this car. If it is not torpedoed, then – like many other models of this brand – it can serve for years. And it is reluctantly sold, and if so, often at an exorbitant price. Models with a 3-liter unit are especially recommendable, but here you have to have a lot more money than 20,000. zloty. And let me just remind you that the car is already 20 years old.

Mercedes E-Class (W211) – is proof that good Mercedes cars did not end with the W124 generation. Although the newer ones are certainly more expensive to maintain. However, the diesel versions show that still half a million kilometers in this brand are not the end. Regardless of which version, be it the excellent 2.1 or the 3-liter V6, a well-kept Mercedes diesel is still a long-distance machine. As long as the corrosion did not eat up the body and floor. On the other hand, electronics can cause problems, especially in cars that have been flooded or repaired after an accident. There is nothing to be afraid of air suspension as long as you live in Poland.

Mazda 6 (GH) – contrary to appearances, it is not only very durable, especially diesels, but also relatively cheap. The revised 2.2 MZR-CD engines last a very long time if you take care of them, and you should also be aware that in the first years of operation, Mazes are very well-kept (often garaged), so corrosion no longer wreaks such havoc as in the first generation. It’s worth buying this model, but you have to breathe and blow on diesel. It will pay you back with a long life. Gasoline units with indirect injection, especially the 2.0, can be gassed, but I would not necessarily recommend it for the newer version 2.0 DISI.

Renault Laguna (III) – keeping it in good shape is not expensive, because it is a relatively simple car technically. It has great engines without fireworks, such as naturally aspirated 2.0 petrol engines or their turbocharged versions, or the highly acclaimed 2.0 dCi diesel. Engine parts or complete units are no problem. In addition, the car is corrosion resistant. All this makes Laguna III not only a candidate for a long-distance runner, but already proves with mileage in the range of 300-400 thousand. km, that it is a durable model and one of the best in its class.

Saab 9-3 (II) – the rule is simple – if the car has 1.9 JTD under the hood, it will travel 500,000 regardless of the brand. km, and then it will bring joy to one of the owners in a row. An example is the saab, which has not been produced for years. And it’s about the brand, not the model. The rest does not count, although this 9-3 generation is even quite easy to maintain, so it is the only Saab to make this list.

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