This dream country rents houses for free, and is perfect for smartworking in nature

Imagine an Italian country, beautiful and nestled in one of the richest provinces of northern Italy, where, however, rents only cost 1 euro per day. Yes, that’s right, only 30 euros a month. Not bad, right?

Well, this town really exists, it’s in Veneto and it’s called Pedemonte. We are in the province of Vicenza, and the idea of ​​offering such low rents comes from nothing other than wanting to attract new people to the area.

In short, the fact arises from the need to stop the depopulation of small towns. In the past we have seen the initiative of houses at 1 euro, uninhabited houses, vacant for years or dilapidated sold at the symbolic price of 1 euro. Today, however, here are the rents.

in the narrow alleys of the medina, marrakesh morocco

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Paying so little rent is a great incentive. Also because we are talking about a beautiful and very famous area. After all, in such a village it is easy to have silence and peace useful for writing, planning, teaching at a distance or doing many other difficult jobs to do in the city noise.

Here artisans, but also anyone who can work remotely, today has a unique opportunity: to pay only 30 euros per month for a house in excellent condition, and set in a landscape that is the envy of anyone.

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