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Meghan Markle will never achieve her most important goal ?! As the British press reveals, Prince Harry’s wife may not be able to become president of the United States. Apparently terrified Americans studied ancient books for a suitable law to prohibit her from doing so. What happened?!

Meghan Markle has great ambitions and intends in the future not only to become involved in the political scene, but even to become the president of the United States! Such rumors have been circulating since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry escaped from the British royal family to the United States. Meghan loves various “motivational speeches” and apparently feels great in the role of the father, or rather the mother of the nation, not worrying about any spite or biting remarks. Is it possible that he will soon engage in a political battle with other Democrat candidates, and eventually with Donald Trump, who is eager for re-election? What’s the worse option, Trump or Meghan? It is possible that America will be able to give itself these considerations. Apparently frightened Americans studied ancient books to find a suitable law prohibiting Meghan Markle from becoming president of the United States. As “The Sunday Telegraph” writes, in 1811 a certain amendment to the constitution was proposed regarding the candidates for the presidency of the USA …

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Its purpose was to block the candidacy of those who had received “a title or dignity from foreign powers”. At the time, it was about a relative of Napoleon who was married to the American, Elizabeth ‘Betsy’ Patterson, due to concerns that he might want to run. Of course, Meghan received both her title of Duchess of Sussex and popularity due to the “foreign power”, in this case Great Britain. The amendment was never adopted, but according to “The Sunday Telegraph” it can be taken out of the past at any time and the vote can be started …

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