This is the end of Android Auto! Google stops supporting the app!

Unfortunately, we don’t have good news for Android Auto fans. Google has decided to end support for the application with the launch of the twelfth version of Android. What does this mean for users and what changes are now waiting for them due to such a decision on the part of Google?

URGENT: It’s over Android Auto – Google is withdrawing its support for the app version!

android-auto-new google function
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We calm down the users who appreciate the Android Auto application from the very beginning. Don’t worry – it’s not going out of business and Google is only stopping supporting part of the app. As you well know, Android Auto can be divided into two parts. One of them can be displayed on the screen in the car using a cable – but the car must have such an option in the system for everything to function like that. The second is Android Auto for phones screen. This option is dedicated to people who do not have the option of connecting an Android phone and using the application in their cars.

In such cases, the phone screen was simplified so that you could use the application in a comfortable and convenient way. Google now with the new release of Android will stop supporting this version and it will now be reclassified to Assistant Driving Mode, which will be a change for users who previously used this feature in their cars while driving.

The changes will come into force soon – get ready for them!

The changes will come into force soon, so it is worth getting used to them and getting used to this thought. Nevertheless, it seems that it will not be a huge revolution for users. It is important that the classic and standard Android Auto, which is used by the most users, remains unchanged – here you do not have to expect any corrections or surprises.

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