This moment decided the fate of the race. A strange collision between Hamilton and Verstappen [WIDEO]

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The weirdest F1 season in years. Who is the biggest winner? [F1 Sport #39]

It was the 37th lap of the race. Then Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) tried to attack Max Verstappen with his DRS. It seemed he would do it, but the Dutchman once again cut the corner in the race to keep his position. “He’s fucking crazy,” said furious Hamilton. Moments later, the Red Bull mechanics informed the Dutchman to give up the position to the British. And then there was a bizarre situation. Hamilton slowed down too, instead of overtaking his rival and there was a collision.

Heynen’s neighbor is the world champion? In a year from karting to F1. “He was the fastest, always”

Wolff’s fury

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff was furious after this clash between two great F1 drivers. He screamed loudly, take his headphones off his ears, and after a while he furiously threw them to the ground.

– I slowed down, I wanted to pass Hamilton, but he didn’t want to pass. I don’t really understand what happened there – commented Verstappen after the race.

Ultimately, the judges decided to add five seconds to Max Verstappen’s final time. The Dutchman, however, decided to hand over the leadership position to Hamilton. The Briton quickly gained an advantage of over eight seconds and confidently won. Verstappen came second to the finish line, and Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes) was third after the exciting finish, which was decided by the last meters.

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Such results of the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix meant that Lewis Hamilton caught up with Max Verstappen in the general classification of the world championship. They both have 369.5 points at the moment. If the World Cup ended today, the Dutchman would win the title because he has more race wins – nine and Hamilton – eight.

Only three drivers found a way to get Hamilton. Only three drivers found a way to get Hamilton. “Fear helped me then”

The decisive race – Abu Dhabi will be held on December 12. A year ago, Verstappen was the fastest there. The Dutchman won there only once, and Hamilton five times (in 2011, 2014, 2016, 2018-19).

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