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There are those who even say that the definitive switch off of digital terrestrial, which will remove the current hybrid between the channels that are seen (the generalist ones, the most important) still with the old encoding and those (all the others) already compatible with the now infamous DVB-T2 will take place on December 20, to the delight of those who have yet to gear up for the new technology and for the shopkeepers who are overwhelmed with problems in the week leading up to Christmas.

Regardless of whether this indiscretion will be supported or not by the official PUT, you have to get there in December. The coming month, in fact, brings news, with the hope of a strong decrease that grips many Italian citizens, not dependent on their faults. So much so.

Digital terrestrial (PixaBay)

October, for example, began with another important update of the national LCN numbering and therefore of the related digital terrestrial TV channels. A good tuning has never hurt anyone. On the other hand, in these two years we have become accustomed to retune our tv, or decoder, so does the same.

Constant work, directly proportionate to existing problems

Beyond the change of this or that channel, however, the very long updating works are continuing in view of the next and definitive switch off: there are those who say December 20. And who, by virtue of past experience, goes there more cautiously and expects the farewell to the hybrid with the start of the new year.

New Digital Terrestrial - 20221004
New Digital Terrestrial –

The works are constant, directly proportionate to the problems, a bit patchy, existing throughout Italy. Thus, every day is good to fill some gaps, smooth out some angles, allow Italians to enjoy the television in peace, moreover of the new generation, with all the comforts denied by a signal that is too often close to total absence.

To receive all new, hopefully working, updates you need to be equipped with a compatible device. Whether it is a TV (purchased in 2018 to follow) or a digital terrestrial it does the same, the important thing is that it has the technology DVB-T2-HEVC Main 10.

There is not much time, apart from that feared December 20, Confindustria Radio TV has decided to turn off the residual channels with digital coding Mpeg-2, dismissing those simulcast broadcasters of the 500 number (Rai 1 – 501, Canale 5 – 505, Rete 4 – 504) which, after the first switch offs of this 2022, have become accessible channels for those who have not yet adapted TV equipment to the new standards of the infamous DVB-T2. Better hurry, hoping that this long transition to digital terrestrial new generations will bring progress, but remove the existing troubles.

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