This story sounds familiar. Music and history in the new season of Grupo Milenio

with the premiere of the sixth season (or volume) of “This Story Rings a Bell”, Jenova Martinez claims to produce Televisa It has established itself as an audience approved product over the years of its existence. Based on “How Music Accompany Us in Life’s Most Important Moments”, the series explores the different meanings of some of the most popular songs, but applies them to common life stories.

“This Story Rings a Bell” It’s the soundtrack of life and I think in a way we envisioned the concept, every song is a story. Regardless of what the composer was thinking – and in some cases we’ve been lucky enough to know what they were thinking – there are songs we don’t know, but we have an extraordinary team of writers and screenwriters, “he explained . Jenova Martinez During the opening clap of the sixth volume of “This story rings a bell”,

“The whole creative process starts out exactly like that, listening to a song, a song that we probably already know, and there they create this story that has to do with the lyrics.”

Afterwards over 138 episodes Over the course of five seasons, the production company ensures that the public continues to find ways to identify with the stories through music, so the biggest inspirations for episodes are situations that affect and accompany today’s society.

“In everything we can identify because we all have a song that refers us to a memory, our childhood, an important moment in our lives… those important moments always have a song. What’s better than having a television series that makes us feel that way? Music is a very important part of what we feel”, he commented.

“This Story Rings a Bell” Section. 6 comes from the hands of a new group of directors, screenwriters and actors who will together bring each of these stories to the screen. Likewise, the production benefited from exploring music from all eras and all genres, with many of the songs most recognizable to the public.

,I am very proud to have one of the best work teams we have at Televisa […] We are already in the sixth season and this shows that we have been successful with the audience. It is a series that is consolidating, a series that is taking shape and forming a collection. It gets richer as we go through the seasons”, he concluded.

the keys

  • The series, which has already begun filming, will premiere on July 10 at 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday, on Las Estrellas.
  • Michelle Veith, Alejandra Headey, Ana Karina Guevara, Carlos Fonseca, Esteban Soberanes, Nuria Gil and Dari Romo are some of the actors who have starred in the sixth season of “This Story Sounds Familiar to Me”.

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