Thor: Love and Thunder surpassed the global box office of Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Thor: Love and Thunder has officially surpassed the takings of Captain America: The Winter Soldier at the global box office.

The July 6 came out in the cinema Thor: Love and Thunderthe fourth chapter dedicated to God of Thunder interpreted by Chris Hemsworth. In the film the Thundering asks for help a King Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson), a Korg (Taika Waititi) and ex-girlfriend Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) – now able to lift Mjolnir – to combat the threat of Gorr the Slaughterer of Gods (Christian Bale), a galactic killer who longs for the extinction of the gods.

According to what was reported by the analyst and box-office expert Luiz Fernando, Thor: Love and Thunder has cashed others 6.2 million dollars in 49 international markets in its sixth programming weekend, reaching 395.1 million dollars internationally. In the domestic market, however, the film by Taika Waititi has cashed so far 325.3 Millions of dollarsfor a total of $ 720.4 million worldwide. In this way, the film officially surpassed the global grossing of Captain America: The Winter Soldierwhich he cashed 714.4 Millions of dollars in 2014.

Furthermore, according to the analyst’s estimates, the blockbuster could end its worldwide box office run between $ 745 million and $ 755 million. Although it won’t make a big profit for Marvel Studios and the Disneythe cinecomic it should be able to fit within the budget considering it cost a whopping $ 250 million.

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