Thousands of people queuing, selfies and bags full: Primark has opened in Bologna

Those who were not already on vacation far from Bologna yesterday morning, was at the opening of the first Primark store inside the Gran Reno shopping center, between Ikea and the Unipol Arena. Thousands of people literally stormed the 4 thousand square meter megastore, 47 crates and 31 dressing rooms. Huge numbers, but still insufficient, at least for the influx of people we have witnessed. The clientele varies, young and old, with the former obviously in the lead, mothers pushing wheelchairs in the crowd (heroines or just fools?), Groups of friends already experienced in the brand who juggled the goods with enviable ease, women and on the contrary, disoriented men, but with a salesman always ready to give the right indication.

Race to the deal

“The lingerie? There after the Marvel collection ”. “The lifestyle? Beyond the children’s department, to the right of Disney ”. In a short time, the lines at the tills were the envy of those of the A14. Not to mention the dressing rooms. Selfie and smiles at the exit, with the tightening of the day in the designer shopper given for the occasion to all customers at the entrance. No doubt about it, the prices are unbeatable, underneath there are only the shops “All at 99 cents”. T-shirts for 3 euros, sweatshirts for 10, pulling out 40 euros at that point already seems like a theft. Miracles of the great (very great) distribution applied to clothing: Primark is a kind of giant fashion discount store, only much cooler, head to Europe, hands (work) to Asia. We do not find out: the first store of the Irish chain dates back to the late 1960s. And this one in Bologna will certainly not be the last.

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