throw in the baking soda and start scrubbing

The advice that to clean dirty car mats is to use baking soda, in a short time you will get back clean and fragrant.

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Dirty car mats I’m not a pretty picturewhich we give to those who get on our car, since we will certainly give one bad impression of us. There are therefore several tips you can follow to clean themone however is perhaps the bestthat is to use the bicarbonate. Do you know this method? If you don’t know him rest assurednow let’s go and see it in detail. Remembering you even when it is important to keep these items clean, forhygiene of your car and yours personal.

Let’s see this method using baking soda

The sodium bicarbonate It is one of best itemsto use whenever you want to wash our car mats, especially if we use it lengthening it with a little soda. Seeing that this element manages to remove Even the stains that last longereven if I am – even if they are encrusted for some time and yes it does struggling to remove them. Obviously yes it goes to also eliminate bad smellswhich will almost certainly come out of them, if they are dirty. Now, however, we have to see everything well path to do, when we wash there, with this method, which is a lot simple And not so expensive.

Jar of baking soda
Using baking soda to clean the mats takes very little time –

The first thing to do is moisten the mats, using just the soda, which in the meantime will work on the first crusts of dirt. Use a Brushfor help you to cover the entire volume of the element, do not leave uncovered areas. Then leave for at least one half an houryour mats ad dry. Once dry, use the sodium bicarbonatepouring it on the mats, also trying here to cover up the whole surface, for the same reason. Let the bicarbonate for a few minutesafter that, pass thevacuum cleaner for suck up all the dirtwhich have come to light.

How important it is to clean our mats

Cleaning our mats is one maintenance that must be done regularlyto keep a clean car and therefore have the right hygiene. We remember that this element attracts to itself all the dirt of the car. On it we find traces of mud, crumbs, the hair of our animal, litter, and many other things. Also, the smell that will come out of the mats will be awfulthus causing airritation for the our sense of smellwhich only the windows down, will not be able to appease.

Clean Car Mats
This maintenance must be done regularly to keep our car clean –

The method we saw today is 100% ecologicalgiven that we do not use elements that impact on the environment. So the clean the mats with the bicarbonateit does us beyond that save economicallysince as we have seen we need little, it also makes us help the planet. Now you have good reasons to use this method, and you have no more excuses to travel with i dirty car matsand you will give the passenger you are carrying, one good impression of you.

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