Thymesia with a delayed premiere. It will be coming to PS5, XSX and PC in a few months

Thymesia, announced for December this year, will not be in the hands of players on this date. The title has been postponed to next year, but there’s good news as well. The production will also be released on selected consoles.

Developed by Taiwanese studio OverBoarder Studio Thymesia will appear next year not only on PC, but also on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S. Unfortunately, the release date itself is closer to undefined. It is only known that it will be next year.

Evil will come in 2022

According to the new trailer published by the publisher, the player will go to a kingdom that once flourished with the power of alchemy. But now the world is entering an era of defeat. After discovering the price behind using alchemy, an attempt to stop using it was unsuccessful. The world was in chaos and the streets were overrun by monsters.

Thymesia is set to be an action-packed RPG. The player will play the role of a character nicknamed Corvus. Together with him, he will travel through the dark realm, wielding an elaborate system of weapons against the plague. The hero will hunt his enemies, wield the power of disease, and his goal will be to find the truth in his own memories.

The combat system

Corvus, despite losing his memories, has several valuable abilities that will help the player in the game. The hero can change his character and turn into a raven during the battle. Thanks to this, he can throw feathers like daggers. He can also use the power of the plague that reigns in the kingdom to survive endless battles.

As befits an RPG, the player will have to upgrade and modify the basic moves and skills of Corvus. The creators promise that in this way it is possible to create your own style of play and better prepare for the challenges.

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