«Ticket to Paradise». Julia Roberts only wanted to shoot with George Clooney.

Icons Julia Roberts and George Clooney share a decade-long career and friendship. With “Ticket to Paradise” they are finally back together in front of the cameras, after a long absence from the screen.

Julia Roberts he achieved worldwide fame as the star of romantic comedies. Yet we haven’t seen her in roles of this type in more than 20 years.

In recent years, the actress has often had to face this question: why don’t you make sentimental films anymore?

In an interview with the New York Times, Roberts answered the question again, with a statement we can probably all understand: “When I’m in a play, I think I’d rather sit at a table and cry and have a cup of tea. . Then you do it and you think, ‘How nice it would be to wear a nice dress and laugh.’

In short, too often you want what you cannot have.

“Clooney also wanted to shoot with me”

But that’s not the only reason for his absence from romantic comedies. People misunderstand her: “It’s not that she doesn’t want to make these films, the script just has to be right,” she says. If she had quality on the table more often than she did in “My Best Friend’s Wedding” or “Notting Hill”, she would drop everything.

And such a script finally seems to exist. However, she too was not without doubts about «Ticket to Paradise»: «I thought it would be a disaster, unless, of course, Clooney played the male part. And here he too thought the same way, he wanted to go around with me ».

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We go back to the early 2000s. Why, if you haven’t noticed: George Clooney she has only starred in one film in the past five years, Julia Roberts in two. During the same period, from 2003 to 2008, they both starred in ten (Clooney) and seven (Roberts) films, respectively.

Times have changed.

But the question now is: why did the two Hollywood heavyweights want to work together so intensely and exclusively?

They just have a close friendship in real life, and if we’re honest, they’re a dream couple on screen. They are simply made to be together in movies. If they get along well on a human level and away from the cameras, they can easily transfer this chemistry into their work.

There are too many examples of films where the protagonists were obviously not on the same page, and you can see that in the final product. As with Anakin and Leia, well, Hayden Christensen And Natalie Portman: it was awful to watch.

Of course, Roberts and Clooney have already worked together. As the thieving couple from the “Ocean’s” films, Clooney brought – as she often does – mischief, Roberts aplomb and a tough attitude. Check out their scenes together in this trilogy – these two really love each other, and it’s incredibly beautiful.

“Ticket to Paradise”, therefore, is a return to origins for Julia Roberts and, for Clooney, a job that can easily be done only with one of her best friends. And this dynamic is very moving.

The film will arrive in Ticino cinemas on 6 October.

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