“Ticket to Paradise,” with George Clooney and Julia Roberts. Cast, plot and trailer

Finally the 2 actors star together in a romantic comedy, in cinemas from 6 October

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October 6, 2022 at 08:17

It sounds unbelievable, but George Clooney And Julia Roberts they had never made a romantic comedy together (but four other films, from “Ocean’s eleven” to “Money monster”, that is). And this despite their agreement is proverbial: “In fact, half of Americans think we are married, and this helped us,” she jokes, presenting their new film together.

There is always time to remedy the mistakes of the past. So here it is “Ticket to Paradise”, an “old-fashioned” sentimental comedy in which the two are a divorced couple who hate each other, forced to reunite for a cause of force majeure: preventing their 20-year-old daughter from getting married and thus making the same mistake as they did. But then, was it really a mistake? And underneath all that anger will there still be a little flame of attraction?


  • Genre: comedy
  • Duration: 104 minutes
  • Movie director: Ol Parker
  • Actors: George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Kaitlyn Dever, Billie Lourd, Maxime Bouttier, Lucas Bravo


David and Georgia are divorced and can’t stand each other, but when they discover that their daughter Lily has decided to marry a seaweed farmer they met in Bali, they rush to the island with only one goal: to blow up the marriage and “save” their beloved. girl. But in an earthly paradise, the risk of falling in love again is very high …


Julia and George

“We had to fight and scream at each other and that was fun,” Clooney explains. She who she adds: «Let’s face it, I didn’t have the same success as Julia in the romantic comedy. The last one I acted in was “One day … by chance” with Michelle Pfeiffer in 1996. So I thought, “Well, if she says yes it could be fun.” So, right after reading the script I called her and said, “I accept if you do too.” And she replied: “No, it is I who accept only if you also accept”. And not long after we were on our way to Australia (where most of the shooting took place, even if the story is set in Bali, ed) “.

After all, the story was tailor-made for them: «When I read the script I immediately understood that they had written it just for Julia and me. I mean, even the names of the characters were originally a gag that alluded to ours: I had to be “Julian” and she was “Georgia”! (then they became David and Georgia, ed). She replies: «The great thing about romantic comedies is that they manage to grab attention even if you already know how they will turn out. It’s not easy! Although then, basically, this is the story of how George has always loved me and even over the years he has never been able to forget me, nor ever will, while I have found myself a younger and more beautiful French boyfriend. Here, this is what they should write on the posters! ».

Clooney and Julia Roberts first met in 2001 on the set of “Ocean’s Eleven”. «Yet everyone was convinced that we already knew each other and in fact I was intrigued by him, I had read that he had wonderful parties … since then we have always had a great understanding, I think it shows. And we approach work in the same way ». George replies as follows: “What I like about Julia is that, even though she is a star, she has never taken herself too seriously. This is important when you spend a lot of time together ». And she: «I also think that we feel a lot of joy in making each other laugh, but above all we like to make fun of each other. It is our way of communicating ».

But if it is true that there is all this understanding between the two, why did the kiss scene require 80 takes? “It actually took 79 of us laughing, and then one of us kissing,” Roberts said. The scene in which the two “elderly” parents put their daughter in terrible embarrassment by throwing themselves into a wild dance, however, came immediately well. She says: “We did everything we could think of at that moment. And it’s fair to say that it was different every time. I remember at last I was hot, sweaty and tired, and my cheeks hurt at how much I had laughed at George! ‘ Clooney’s answer: «Everyone gave us indications on how we should dance to be more comical, but we said to ourselves: it will be enough to be natural. In reality we already dance very badly! ».

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