TikTokers uses cats to mock Amber Heard’s testimony but not everyone laughs


The #MeToo movement has encouraged countless people to report their abusers and not keep silent about the pain they have been forced to endure. While there are tons of domestic abuse cases that are never reported, or that fly under the radar because the people involved aren’t famous, the #MeToo movement has become such a controversial phenomenon due to the high profile names that have surfaced in the case.

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Namely, producer Harvey Weinstein who was convicted of rape and rape. The allegations against the former Hollywood tycoon, who was initially called as a molester by Asia Argento (who ended up being accused of sexually assaulting a minor and who resolved a complaint with the young man who once played her son in a movie) ended up causing a chain reaction of different people coming forward, and not just against Weinstein.

Other people have been named in the movement, such as actor Ben Affleck for groping television personality Hilarie Burton on an MTV show, or Kevin Spacey for alleged child sexual assaults, which happened just around the time the name of the producer David Geffen started popping up in abuse / even claims pedophilia.

One such high-profile actress who referred to the #MeToo movement was Amber Heard in a 2018 opinion piece for the Washington Post.

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Johnny looks so innocent! #johnnydepp #amberheard

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Fast forward to 2022 and Heard is now being ridiculed in a series of memes after the Internet decided there was no way Johnny Depp could beat up his ex-wife, that she was the instigator of his relationship, and that almost every claim of the abuse or assault he made on the stand is a real lie.

And they are doing it via TikTok videos and memes like the one above.

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In the clip, the video plays a reenactment of Heard’s claim that Depp slapped in the face. One cat is dressed up to look like Depp, the other is rocking a small wig from Karen, which is supposed to be Heard. The TikToker, @heyitsgingerandpepper takes a small plastic doll to “hit” the kitten Heard. And while there are some who argue that this video and others like it are humiliating for survivors of abuse, it seems most people on the web don’t feel sympathy for Amber.

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This is mainly because there is a large group of people who believe Heard co-opted the #MeToo movement in an attempt to discredit Depp and line his pockets with cash. Her divorce money, which she said would be donated to the ACLU, has not yet been paid as of this writing since their separation and her $ 3.5 million vote. The organization said Heard paid less than half.

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The legal drama between the couple began when Heard claimed in an editorial that she was a victim of abuse and this was soon after her divorce from Depp was finalized. This editorial, claims Depp’s legal team, was geared towards defaming Depp and ultimately damaged his career. Depp then sued Heard for libel and the ex-spouses got caught up in a nasty legal battle.

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From the start of the trial, there are some inconsistencies in Heard’s allegations that have been identified, along with specific tactics employed by his legal team that shocked onlookers who witnessed the proceedings unfold.

Like the fact that Heard’s lawyers filed a modified version of the editorial in court, which many speculate was an attempt to distort the facts of the case. And then there was the fact that Heard had said that Depp had hit her in the face, but the photos of the abuse she claimed she suffered at the hands of the Pirate actor were on her arms. Milani Cosmetics also thwarted Heard’s claim that he used one of the company’s concealers to hide her bruises.

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That’s because the particular product Heard was referring to wasn’t even available at the time she said she used it to cover up the alleged marks caused by Depp’s physical assaults on her.

However Heard, who is a professional actress, has been repeatedly ridiculed on social media for what many refer to as “mushy” and “fake” histrionics in an effort to garner the sympathy of the jury and viewers back home.

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Some have pointed out that Heard will intentionally hold distressed stares when photographers take pictures of her and that she will also act as if she is crying despite her eyes being dry during the testimony, something that crowds of fans on social media accept as proof that the actress. he is lying.

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There are tons of videos uploaded by people providing “evidence” that Heard is lying: from references to footage of his interviews in which he later claimed he suffered facial damage, even though none were found. And then there are those who officially changed the actress’s name to “Amber Turd” online via related search results and the actress’s IMDB and Wikipedia pages.

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And while the Internet is pretty much convinced that Johnny Depp is the winner of the trial, it is up to the jurors to decide who will be the winner and who, if any, will receive damages. Depp sued Heard for $ 50 million and she counter-sued him for $ 100 million.

There are still plenty of other reenactment videos mocking Heard’s abuse claims popping up online, along with people selling merchandise labeling the actress a liar while others claim to support Depp.


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