Tiny bikini! Jennifer Lopez dares and sunbathe like that!

For Jennifer Lopez, the years do not pass. The American singer turned 50 a few months ago and still has a body of scandal that much younger women would like.

This week, an image of her in a bikini from a few months ago has been viralized on social networks and in which Jennifer Lopez is seen lying in the sun with a spectacular shot.

Social networks have not hesitated to raise the New Yorker who is living an nth youth after the success of her movie ‘Scammers on Wall Street’ that has served to be one of the nominees for the Golden Globes and is expected to do what Own at the Oscars.

Her performance as the character of Ramona has served him to be one of the best supporting actresses of the year, but also to be sued by the stripper she was based on when she made the film.

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