Tired of unknown numbers? Weapons on telemarketers in the new version

Tired of unknown numbers?  Weapons on telemarketers in the new version

The popular Truecaller application that filters telephone spam has just received a new, large update. Issue number 12.2.6 is dripping with changes.

If the statistics are to be believed, Truecaller is over 500 million downloads. And no wonder, because it’s a really useful tool. By using a gigantic database, it can identify and block a significant portion of telemarketers or telephone scamers. Efficient and almost maintenance-free.

Hereby, the application has had a new version, and this information is so important that it has been changed really a lot. Including the interface, which has gained a more fragmented structure, according to the developers, desired by users. In addition to purely stylistic changes, conversations, SMS messages, group chats and others have been divided into separate tabs, but of course this is just the beginning.

Tired of unknown numbers?  Weapons on telemarketers in the new version

Brand new feature video identification allows you to record a short video that will be displayed to other users of the application when you call them. There are both ready-made templates and a more open editor.

Whereas Ghost Calls will allow you to create and plan for a selected time fake incoming calls, also from people on your contact list. The creators praise that it is a perfect solution to get out of awkward situations. Or indirectly end a dragging meeting.

Truecaller 12: you can record your calls for free

Not strictly a novelty, but the sharing is undoubtedly a positive change call recording for users of the free version of the application. Until now, this was a feature reserved for Premium subscribers. Importantly, as the authors assure, all files are stored locally and never end up on the company’s servers.

A nice gesture does not mean, however, that the motivation to pay for the subscription will run out. Just paid version provides the caller ID reading via a synthesizer, as well as the aforementioned ghost calling function.

Not surprisingly, the Truecaller 12 app can be found on the Play Store. Premium subscription will cost you $ 2.99. for a month.

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