Tiziano Ferro interview Lady Gaga exclusively for RTL 102.5, in the occasion of the publication of Chromatica

29 may 2020, 10:09

Tiziano Ferro interview Lady Gaga: you’ll see from today an excerpt of the interview on social channels and on the portal of RTL 102.5. Wednesday 3 June at 15.00 will be unveiled the full interview to Tiziano Ferro Lady Gaga

On the occasion of the publication of “Chromatica” the new album of Lady Gaga released today in all over the world (in Italy, for Virgin Records/Universal Music Italy), Tiziano Ferro he met the chameleon-like artist of world renown in the unusual dress of the interviewer. By exciting comparison, reflections on music, God, suffering, and Italy, was born a’exclusive interview radio RTL 102.5 and print for Vanity Fair Italy.

The meeting between Titian and Gaga

The meeting which led to the interview between two kindred souls, those of Lady Gaga and Tiziano Ferrothat has happened in Los Angeles a few days before lockdown. The same Tiziano Ferro he said: “I entered into the studio of Lady Gaga from an admirer, and I came out inspired, by his generosity, artistic and above all human, that flows from every single response I gave”. RTL 102.5, the most listened to radio in Italy, will broadcast from today until Tuesday, June 2, at 15.30 of the pills of this interview, to then reveal the full interview Wednesday 3 June at 15.00in onda su RTL 102.5 and on the official website www.rtl.it.

Tiziano Ferro interview Lady Gaga exclusively for RTL 102.5, in the occasion of the publication of Chromatica

“Chromatica”, the sixth disc of Lady Gaga

Last April Lady Gaga has announced via his profile Instagram the title and the cover of his sixth album, “Chromatica”. The album was preceded by the single ” dance-pop “Stupid Love” whose music video, shot entirely with an IPhone 11 Pro and directed by Daniel ASkill, it shows a kind of struggle to keep the power between tones and tribal space. The song tackles the theme of love, specifically, of romantic love towards a particular person and has the goal to dance and entertain. Is a true return to the origins for the singer: the style is reminiscent, in fact, the previous album “The Fame” and “Born This Way”. It was the same Lady Gaga to explain in an interview with the song’s intent: “I want people to dance and be happy. I put all of my heart, my pain in this music that I think is funny, and very pure in terms of energy”. In addition to “Stupid Love”, the new album of Lady Gaga contains the collaboration with Ariana Grande in “Rain on Me”, from the atmosphere between French house and funky. In the disc there are also the songs “Sour Candy”, together with the group K-pop Korean Blackpinkand “Sine ” from Above” in which the singer duets with Elton John.

Tiziano Ferro, in rotation in the “Friends for” error

The last single Tiziano Ferro is “Friends by mistake” published on the 14th of February, and still in rotation on radio. “The song talks about the unexpected events of life, is a story of sliding doors on interpersonal relations, which sometimes become something different from what we would have desired, but not for this less valuable” the singer explained. “In ‘Friends ‘ for error,’ I wonder what is the dividing line between friendship and a relationship that is not love, because life has brought elsewhere, notwithstanding remain an attraction and empathy strong. I believe that anyone can happen in one’s life to become ‘friends for error’, but it is not an autobiographical song”. The song was presented for the first time live on February 6, 2020 during the third evening of the The Festival of Sanremo 2020.

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