To ESPN, Tiago Leifert comes out in defense of Neymar and quotes Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and even Batman to explain

Bola da Vez with Tiago Leifert will air next Saturday (21), at 8 pm (Brasilia time), broadcast by ESPN on Star+

Main Brazilian player in activity in recent years, Neymar lives constantly between praise and criticism. Guest of ball of the timewhich will air next Saturday (21), at 8 pm (Brasilia time) and with ESPN broadcast on Star+, Tiago Leifert came out in defense of the ace.

The journalist even quoted a phrase from the film ‘Batman‘ to defend the number 10 of the Brazilian Team It’s from Paris Saint-Germain. For the presenter, the striker will never act according to public opinion and fans imagine, which generates constant criticism.

Neymar is not the star we need. He’s the star we deserve. That’s a quote from the Batman movie, for example. Neymar will not do what we want him to do. Neymar will not act the way we want him to act. He will act the way he is. He is Neymar”, he began by stating, before citing the examples of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi to continue in defense of the Brazilian striker.

“Cristiano Ronaldo… I’ve also read articles that blasted Neymar, but praised Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi. Hi? Cristiano Ronaldo, who is being accused of rape in Las Vegas. And Messi, who had a tax problem? So calm down. If you’re going to be thorough… There are several problems around. What I think is that we have to make the most of it to do good, but I also understand that we don’t have cockroach blood all the time. And Neymar gets hit a lot,” he added.



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Now 30 years old, Neymar left the saints in 2013 and headed for the barcelona. For the Camp Nou team, he played for four seasons. Altogether, they were 186 games and 105 goals, forming the star trio MSN in attack, alongside Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez. In addition, it conquered eight titles by barça.

In the 2017-18 season, he surprised the football world by hitting PSG. so far, are 143 games, 99 goals and 11 cups raised with the team from the French capital.

For the Brazilian team, Neymar also has a career and numbers that consolidate him as the main Brazilian athlete in activity. Are 117 games, with 71 goals scored and the title of Confederations Cupin 2013, and the Olympic Gamesin 2016. The ace goes to his third world Cupin 2022, in Qatar.

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