today 11 November metro, bus and tram at risk. Atac timetables

It promises to be a black Friday, yet another, for traffic in Rome. Today, Friday 11 November, a 4-hour public transport strike was called, involving urban and interurban road and rail transport companies. Possible stops, therefore, for buses, metro and trams in the morning. Below all the info, times and methods of the protest.

Rome transport strike Friday 11 November: timetables

The strike was called for 4 hours, from 8.30 to 12.30. The protest at the local level is called by the trade unions Cgil and Uil and concerns Atac, while at the national level it was proclaimed by Usb and in addition to Atac it also involves Roma Tpl and Cotral. Initially Fit-Cisl Lazio and Ugl Autoferrotranvieri of Rome and Lazio also joined the protest, but on Thursday evening they announced the decision to postpone the strike.

“As far as we are concerned, we say ‘no’ to decisions that would cause further inconvenience to citizens, also penalizing employees’ paychecks. We will achieve our goals through bargaining: we have scheduled a meeting on the present and future of the company for Wednesday, November 16 and on the protection of workers’ rights – they explained in a note – our choice is to follow, as the first path, that of negotiation: we will carry out a close negotiation, with the aim of producing important results, without paralyzing mobility, freeze industrial relations and demand economic sacrifices from workers. The commitment is to enter into a serious dialogue, which bears concrete results through bargaining “.

Rome transport strike Friday 11 November: the modalities

The lines affected by the possible stops are those of the Atac urban buses and the Roma Tpl, the trams, the underground, the Metromare railways (formerly Rome-Lido) and Rome-Viterbo and the Cotral suburban buses.

Atac guarantees the service until 8.30 am; then, until 12.30, the races will not be guaranteed on the entire network. The service will resume at 12.30. During the strike, the service of escalators, lifts and stairlifts will not be guaranteed in the stations of the underground railway network that will remain open, and the ticket office service will not be guaranteed. The interchange parking lots will remain open. The on-line ticketing service is always active.

For the Roma Tpl lines it will be possible to stop on these bus lines: 08, 011, 013, 013D, 017, 018, 022, 023, 024, 025, 027, 028, 030, 031, 032, 033, 035, 036, 037, 039, 040, 041, 042, 044, 048, 049, 051, 053, 054, 055, 056, 057, 059, 066, 078, 086, 088, 135, 146, 213, 218, 226, 235, 314, 339, 340, 343, 344, 349, 404, 437, 441, 444, 445, 447, 502, 503, 505, 543, 546, 548, 552, 555, 557, 657, 660, 663, 665, 701, 701L, 702, 703L, 710, 711, 721, 763, 764, 767, 771, 775, 777, 778, 787, 789, 808, 889, 892, 907, 907L, 908, 912, 982, 985, 992, 993, 998 and 999, C1 and C19.

The Metromare and Rome-Viterbo trains with scheduled departure at 12.30, Cotral said, are not affected by the strike.

Rome transport strike Friday 11 November: membership

In light of the double protest – at the national USB level, at the local level of the single trade unions – it is highly probable that the participation in the protest will be high.

Speaking only of Atac, the last company strike that involved CGIL, CISL, UIL, UGL in similar ways to those of the November 11 protest dates back to October 25, 2019, a four-hour strike that saw a membership of 44.5 per cent for surface operation and 17.1 per cent for subway operations and regional railways.

Rome transport strike on Friday 11 November: the reasons

Among the reasons for the strike called by Cgil, Cisl, Uil, Ugl there are the hiring plan, the non-application of the agreements on workloads, the non-granting of holidays, and then organic structural deficiency, discrepancies in the application of the allocation agreements. of operating personnel, the lack of consultation on the activities of metro C, the failure to call on Rome-Centocelle, coercive training courses and outside working hours.

Usb Lavoro Privato instead protests to ask for the cancellation of the increases in services and energy tariffs, for the blocking of military expenses, for the overcoming of the penalizing entry wages, for the safety of workers and service, for the minimum wage, for the exercise of the right to strike in essential public services and for the law on representation.

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