Tom Brady, I announced with regret the deshar of your luxurious Cadillac, valued at $ 300 thousand dollars

Tom Brady it has a racing ms prolficas in the world of sports, where he currently plays as quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The success of the professional player of football american allowed him to take valuable properties, such as the car that’s newly put up for sale.

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It is, nothing ms and nothing less, than a Cadillac Escalade ESV Edition, which is equipped for its users to feel the comfort at the time of travel in l.

The brand new vehicle includes TV screens, desktops, reclining seats leather-and internet-integrated throughout the car, so that Brady has decided to put it on sale for about $ 300 thousand dollars.

The news was disclosed by Becker Automotive Designs, a company specializing in the sale of luxury cars such as the one that holds the husband of Gisele Bndchen, who revealed to have a link special with l.

“With so little time in my busy schedule the ESV I offered those additional minutes to study my playbook, to call by phone, and being with my family. Thanks to l my productivity increases and my stress disminuy”.

With these words, Tom Brady dej clear that extraar your car, but you can imagine that very well will fall the money from the sale, if I get a buyer for that initial price.

Especially in these days of quarantine and pandemic, which have had to pause all the commitments and events related to the world of the show and also the sports.

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