Tom Henderson on the chaos of Battlefield 2042

December 8, 2021, 11:21

The famous insider Tom Henderson described the chaos that reigned during the production of Battlefield 2042. He also pointed out the reasons for the failure of the game.


  1. changes in the design concept during production,
  2. exodus of experienced DICE developers,
  3. switching to remote work due to the pandemic,
  4. a much more troublesome switch to a new version of the Frostbite engine,
  5. as a result, work on the final version BF2042 they only started in full swing in August 2020.

Battlefield 2042 was one of the most anticipated games of the year, but it turned out to be one of his biggest disappointments. The production debuted in a terrible technical condition and without a few key elements to which brand lovers were used to. Many fans are trying to understand the causes of this disaster. Help in this matter is provided by Tom Henderson, a proven informant when it comes to games from DICE studio. According to the information in his latest video, it appears that the version BF2042which eventually hit the market was only in production for 15 months.

As a standard, work on the new version of the series should start shortly after the premiere of the previous part. Battlefield V was released in November 2018, so the developers would have a lot of time to create a perfect game, but according to Henderson, DICE wasted the next several months, including on developing failed follow-up projects. The team wanted initially to develop Battlefield: Bad Company 3, but Electronic Arts rejected that offer, as well as a number of others. For a long time, the next installment of the cycle was created as a battle royale game, but this idea was also abandoned. Its elements, such as specialists instead of classes or the Hazard Zone mode, can be found in the final version BF2042.

Ultimately, it was decided to return from the more traditional formula of the cycle, but the result was that work on Battlefield 2042 they only started in full swing in August 2020. In March 2021, it was already clear that the project was in big trouble. At that time, an attempt was made to strengthen the DICE studio with employees from other teams, but problems with the game engine meant that it did not bring the expected results. On top of all this, there were delays caused by the pandemic, which forced a transfer to remote work.

Another cause of production problems BF2042 was the fact that many key employees left the studio before the start of work on the game. Many of these people have been associated with DICE for several years. The reason for the exodus was the desire to regain creative freedom. These veterans repeatedly presented to EA with ambitious project proposals that were rejected as the publisher preferred proven solutions and insisted on following industry trends rather than setting them.

Tom Henderson on the chaos of Battlefield 2042 production - Illustration # 1

Despite the abandonment of the battle royale concept, some ideas were adapted to the new version of the game, such as the abandonment of classes in favor of specialists.

These departures resulted in problems with technology. DICE created the Frostbite engine, but the pace of production of subsequent versions Battlefield it was so big that the developers were unable to upgrade the series to the latest versions of the technology. For example BFV runs on the 2016 edition of the engine. Only at BF2042 it was decided that the series would be moved to the latest version. The process turned out to be much more difficult than anticipated as many of the most experienced workers behind Frostbite have already left DICE. As a result, the switch to the latest version of the engine, which was supposed to take six months, took a year and a half. Only after this task is completed, work on BF2042 they could go full steam ahead.

In the conversation, Henderson also repeats his earlier reports according to which next Battlefield is to be a game in the category of ?? hero shooter ??, that is, a production of a kind Overwatch if Apex Legends, in which players will choose a character from an extensive gallery of unique heroes with a variety of special skills. This direction of brand development is to be supported by Vince Zampella and Marcus Lehto, who are entrusted with the care of the series. At the same time, Henderson emphasizes that the shape of the next part of the cycle may still change. BF2042 is a good example of how the original DICE plans are not always realized.

Tom Henderson on the chaos of Battlefield 2042 production - Illustration # 2

EA responded to a request for comment on Tom Henderson’s reports, but the statement only confirmed changes in positions responsible for the development of the series.

Let us recall that Battlefield 2042 debuted on November 19. The production was released simultaneously on PC and PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S consoles. People who purchased the Gold or Ultimate, they could have started the game a week earlier.

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