Tom Holland, break from social media: “They are bad for mental health”

Five posts in six months. That Tom Holland had turned away from social networks, it was evident already from his feed. Nothing private, only content related to partnerships and charitable initiatives. Of course, the British actor never was a particularly active user, but now he has officially decided to undertake the so-called digital detoxexplaining in a short clip the reasons of that choice.

«Hi guys, I’m trying to do this video for about an hour. Although she has spent the last thirteen years to act, I can’t say what I would like to say », the English star begins. “I’ll try again: I took a break from social media because I find that Instagram and Twitter are over-stimulating and suffocating. I am too involved when I read things that concern meHe adds.

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«I let myself be taken, like a spiral, then it is very bad for my mental health. So I decided to do step back and delete apps, ”says Holland, who then uses the opportunity to talk about Stem4«One of the charities supported by The Brothers Trust (the charity founded by Holland’s parents, ed) which he carries out a fantastic job»Precisely on the subject of mental health.

“Asking and seeking help is not something we should be about be ashamed»Concludes Tom, reiterating that will disappear from social networks and thanking the fans for understanding. On the other hand, before him, many stars have opted for digital detox: from Miley Cyrus to Taylor Swift, from Ed Sheeran to Zoë Kravitz, up to Pete Davidson, Justin Bieber and even Selena Gomez, which has 343 million followers on Instagram.

Now it’s up to Holland, known to most for having dressed as Spiderman. But even superheroes know when to say enough.

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