Tom Holland leaves Instagram: celebrities without social media

Tom Holland leaves social networks

He is not the first to make this choice, confirming an increasingly widespread problem even among celebrities. Tom Holland abandons Instagram and social networksconcerned about the effect they have on mental health.

The American actor, who has become one of the best known faces worldwide as Spiderman in the Marvel universe, he has chosen to move away from an increasingly toxic environment, as also denounced in the past by some of his colleagues. The problem of mental health in social networks therefore returns to great relevance.

Tom Holland it is therefore added to the various VIPs who have criticized social networks and decided, even if only temporarily, to suspend their accounts. Certainly the choice of the 26-year-old is strong also for the young age of the British, who for months has often been among the most talked about actors also for his relationship with the girlfriend Zendaya.

Why Tom Holland leaves social networks: the announcement

The explanation of why Tom Holland leaves social networks comes directly from a video uploaded by the actor on his official channels, just before the cancellation of the accounts. The star explained his reasons to her fans, reassuring about his current condition:

I’ve taken a break from social media for my mental health because I find Instagram and Twitter to be over-stimulating and overwhelming. I get sucked into and spiral into a spiral when reading stuff about me online. And, ultimately, it’s very bad for my mental health. So I decided to step back and delete the app.

Tom Holland moves away from social media with a tip for young people:

If you are in pain and need help, download one of the apps offered by Stem4. I have them all, I have tried them all. They are all great, very helpful. So thanks for listening, now I’m going to disappear from Instagram again and to everyone out there, thanks for your help and support.

The US actor refers to a series of free content on the application of Stem4, a US charity that provides advice to young people to promote mental health. The application fights problematic aspects for young people and adolescents such as self-harming instincts, fears, anxieties and depression, with a series of contents designed to help those in need.

Which VIPs have left social networks

Not only Tom Holland leaves social networks. In the years i VIPs who have abandoned social media they have been numerous, almost all of them just to worry about mental health.

In July 2021 the actress Selena Gomez he had talked about mental health, revealing that he had temporarily deleted his accounts due to the insults received on the net by the numerous haters. The former Disney starlet then returned to social media and today she has the fourth most followed profile on Instagram among celebrities. Her more sporadic employment and her sincerity was greatly appreciated by the fans, who took her as an example of her.

In 2019 it was the singer’s turn Ed Sheeran take a break from social networks. The Irishman had revealed that he had suffered from the many criticisms received on the internet, in particular on Twitter: “I found that I look too often at reality through a screen and not through my eyes” he wrote in a post before temporarily staying away. from the social world.

If the examples given so far concern i VIPs who have abandoned social mediaeven if only temporarily, there are many celebrities without social networks. Actresses like Emma Stone, Keira Knightley And Scarlett Johansson they have long ago chosen not to share details of their life online, preferring serenity.

There are no official profiles of either George Clooney, Brad Pitt and ex-wife Angelina Jolie, who want to protect their children’s privacy as much as possible. Not only an “old school” thought, therefore, but also the desire to keep some moments of private and professional life for oneself. Bradley Cooper, for example, in the past he has declared that he does not have social networks because it would take away the credibility of his acting. In short, there are many VIPs without social networks and they show that an offline road exists.

How to take care of your mind: the advice of “L’allena-mente”

The thematic of mental health and how this should be treated therefore remains of great relevance and relevance. Tom Holland indicated a possible solution with the charity apps Stem4which is hugely popular in the United States.

The theme of the mental health and how to take care of ourselves is covered in the episodes of The mind-trainerthe podcast-journey of Alessandro Mora And Laura Antonini which helps to implement the best strategies to manage moods. The mental attitude, on which the choices in life depend, can be trained by knowing a series of tricks and experiments, which are discussed in the different episodes.

The Train-Mind is available for free, along with many other series, onOne Podcast apponRadio DEEJAY appon Spotify and on Apple Podcast. A valid help on the subject of mental health, linked to our daily life and the use of social networks. With one awareness: moving away from Instagram, Facebook and TikTok is not madness, as evidenced by the choice of Tom Holland.

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